Zenilton – Namoro no Escuro (1973)

12 12 2011

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Hello, Good Night! That’s right! I had a wonderful day of work, making progress on several things. In the other hand, I’m tired. When we are tired and happy, the best idea is to keep the pace and work even more. Work is great. Friday is also great. For those who like is also the day of Forro. If you are from Rio de Janeiro or if you plan to visit Rio, don’t miss Centro de Tradicoes Nordestinas, which is a place such like a piece of Northeast inside Rio with Forro, dancing, food and everything you need to feel like Zenilton, one of the greatest Brazilian Forro artists.

This is Zenilton – Namoro no Escuro (1973), for Tropicana. Zenilton had some sort of revival in the early 90’s by Raimundos, a really creative rock band that mixed punk rock with Forro and Baiao. The guys from Raimundos were Zenilton fans and they put Zenilton together on performance and even on recording sets of some albums. If you are not used or never heard Zenilton or any other Forro LP, try this one, it is great. This LP was kindly provided by a new friend of us, Doris, which I want to say thanks. Tracks include:

01 – Namoro no Escuro (Carlos Diniz)
02 – O Carão Tá na Lagoa (Francisco Dantas / J. Luna)
03 – O Gato e o Rato (Joca de Castro / Nelson Macedo)
04 – Meu Pernambuco (Juca Santos / Waldemir Farias da Silva)
05 – Beijar É Bom (Zenilton / José Raimundo)
06 – Zé Maria (Zenilton)
07 – Frevo na Roça (Zito Borborema / Zé Gonzaga)
08 – Paixão (Osvaldo Aude / Jair Gonçalves)
09 – Xote da Macumba (Guriatã do Coqueiro / Zenilton)
10 – Não Chore Meu Bem (Zenilton / Benivaldo Sá)
11 – Vaquejada (João Alexandre / Zenilton)
12 – Só Caso do Jeito Novo (Zenilton)


Este disco pode ser buscado no Forró em Vinil.