Zito Righi e Seu Conjunto – Alucinolandia (1969)

16 01 2012

Link original: Zito Righi e Seu Conjunto – Alucinolandia (1969)
Publicado em: Monday, February 19, 2007 by zecalouro

In the beginning, my judgment for this record went on that category of risky ones, such as the Oswaldo Luiz e Seu Conjunto. Meanwhile, I could accumulate some info and I’m now confident to show it to Loronixers. In spite of not having the cover artwork of my dreams to this post, this is a really solid release, from the start to end. You should not miss it.

This is Zito Righi e Seu Conjunto – Alucinolandia (1969), for unknown label, featuring nice vocals from Sonia Santos and Zito Righi sax. If you find in a first hearing Zito Righi sax very similar with Bob Fleming way of play, you have a good hear, Zito Right is Bob Fleming on several albums released by Musidisc, a story that will be clarified tomorrow. This record is a treat and I invite you to check and place your comments. Tracks include:

01 – Poema Ritmico do Malandro
02 – Somos Todos Irmaos
03 – Once in a While
04 – Birimbau
05 – Primeira Conjugacao
06 – Bye Bye
07 – Love is here to Stay
08 – Isn’t a Dream
09 – Sou Feliz Aqui
10 – Adeus Amor
11 – Alvorada
12 – Hert

Este disco pode ser buscado no Arquivo do Samba Rock.

Bob Fleming – Mr. Sax Serie C

30 12 2011

Link original: Bob Fleming – Mr. Sax Serie C
Publicado em: Wednesday, January 31, 2007 by zecalouro

Hello, good night! I will start the day saying Welcome! to several new friends that had their first contact with Loronix today. Mariana Barros, from a major Brazilian newspaper in Sao Paulo, Folha de Sao Paulo, wrote an article mentioning Loronix, Thanks Mariana!

I made a try today to scare zecalouro with this cover and he could not understand that the image of a kitten as a real kitten. Perhaps the capacity of associate pictures with real forms is only a human gift. Ok! I’m finished with rubbish, let’s talk about the music.

This is Bob Fleming – Mr. Sax Serie C (no date), for Musidisc. If you are thinking we have a new artist to explore or a special post of an international musician, don’t stop reading. Bob Fleming is Moacyr Silva, the legendary Brazilian sax player with many LPs already presented to Loronixers. I could not check Moacyr Silvas reasons to adopt this alternative name for some recordings on Musidisc. Caetano is also also very interested to understand this character, Bob Fleming, since Bob Fleming still releasing for Musidisc after Moacyr Silva departure to Copacabana (record label).

The questions are many, for instance: Moacyr Silva performed which Bob Fleming records? Who is the second Bob Fleming besides Moacyr Silva? If you have something to add to this pile of uncertain, feel free to come and say. By the way, this record is truly amazing. Tracks include:

01 – Manhattan (Rodgers / Hart)
02 – I Get a Kick Out Of You (Cole Porter)
03 – Dancing In The Dark (Schwartz / Dietz)
04 – Who (O. Harbach / O. Hammerstein II)
05 – I Won’t Cry Anymore (A. Frisch / Freiwise)
06 – Affair To Remember (Harold Adamson / Harry Warren)
07 – Blue Moon (Rodgers / Hart)
08 – I’m In The Mood For Love (MC Hugh / Heusen)
09 – All My Tomorrows (Sammy Cahn / Heusen)
10 – Over The Rainbow (Harold Harlen / E. Y. Harbourg)
11 – Exodus (Gold)
12 – Stellaby (Washington / Victor Young)


Este disco pode ser buscado no Um que Tenha.