Os Borges – Os Borges (1980)

15 05 2013

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Os Borges - Os Borges

Os Borges - Os BorgesBack

Hello, good evening! Let’s close this great week with a required repost, first made available in January 2007, having a successful reception by the community and now being updated with a new transfer taken from my own vinyl, including also hi-res scans and the new FLAC option. Let’s see.

This is Os Borges – Os Borges (1980), for Odeon, featuring the Borges family and some very special guests. Os Borges are a musical family from Minas Gerais state, consisting of the brothers Nico Borges, Telo Borges, Marilton Borges, Márcio Borges, Yê Borges, Lô Borges and Solange Borges, the father and mother Salomao Borges and Dona Maricota Borges. The very special guests are Toninho Horta, Elis Regina, Gonzaguinha, Milton Nascimento and Lucio Alves. The cover shows Os Borges room with instruments all around the floor with a picture of The White Album from The Beatles, strong influence to the Borges brothers and Clube da Esquina movement from Minas Gerais. By the way, if love the Clube da Esquina album with Milton Nascimento and Lo Borges, you should consider this one. Personnel listing was not made available by Odeon, but the session photos brings some musicians in the session, such like, Marcal, Nivaldo Ornellas, Cesar Camargo Mariano, Paulinho Carvalho, Helvius Vilela, Nana Vasconcellos, Guilherme Arantes, among others. Tracks Includes:

Os Borges


Track List

01 – Em Família (Yé Borges / Márcio Borges) – Os Borges
02 – Carona (Marilton Borges) – Marilton Borges with Gonzaguinha
03 – Voa Bicho (Telo Borges / Márcio Borges) – Telo Borges / Solange Borges
04 – Um Sonho na Correnteza (Yé Borges / Márcio Borges) – Solange Borges / Yé Borges
05 – Ainda (Telo Borges / Márcio Borges) – Telo Borges / Marilton Borges
06 – O Sapo (Tradicional / Adpt. Salomão Borges) – Os Borges
07 – Eu Sou Como Você É (Lô Borges) – Lô Borges / Marilton Borges
08 – Outro Cais (Marilton Borges / Duca Leal) – Elis Regina
09 – No Tom de Sempre (Chico Lessa / Márcio Borges) – Chico Lessa / Lô Borges
10 – Qualquer Caminho (Márcio Borges) – Márcio Borges / Marilton Borges
11 – Daniel (Nico Borges / Solange Borges) – Solange Borges
12 – Pros Meninos (Nico Borges / Duca Leal) – Nico Borges / Milton Nascimento


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