Moreira da Silva – O Ultimo Malandro (1959)

5 03 2013

Link original: Moreira da Silva – O Ultimo Malandro (1959)
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Moreira Da Silva - O Último Malandro

With no previous announcement, Loronix started on Monday a new method of displaying album covers, larger and deluxe versions with better quality. I believe that after 5 days, with no problem diagnosed or reported by friends, I will make this new method as official. I’m having a lot of fun with this new style; it loads faster, reducing the time needed to load Loronix completely. In the other hand, I’m frustrated for not having time to adjust all previous covers available.

I want to celebrate this new feature showing one of the most beautiful covers that I had a chance to see, featuring a true legend of a very old Samba style, known as Samba, Breque. Let’s see.

This is Moreira da Silva – O Ultimo Malandro (1959), for Odeon, featuring a blend Moreira da Silva hits taken from 78 RPM and unpublished tunes, released for the first time here. This is a very enjoyable album with Moreira da Silva at his peak. Now it’s time to sleep, I hope everyone has a productive tomorrow and a great weekend, full of solid Brazilian listens. Tracks include:

01 – Que Barbada (Valdrido Silva / Moreira da Silva / Jucata)
02 – Amigo Urso (Henrique Gonçalez)
03 – Vara Criminal (Moreira da Silva / Ribeiro Cunha)
04 – Olha o Padilha (Ferreira Gomes / Bruno Gomes / Moreira da Silva)
05 – Dormi no Molhado (Moreira da Silva)
06 – Dona História Com Licença (Moreira da Silva)
07 – Jogando Com o Capeta (Moreira da Silva / Ribeiro Cunha)
08 – Acertei no Milhar (Wilson Batista / Geraldo Pereira)
09 – Na Subida do Morro (Moreira da Silva / Ribeiro Cunha)
10 – Averiguações (Wilson Batista)
11 – Esta Noite Eu Tive Um Sonho (Moreira da Silva)
12 – Chang-lang (Moreira da Silva / Ribeiro Cunha)


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Moreira da Silva – Malandro Diferente (1961)

1 09 2012

Link original: Moreira da Silva – Malandro Diferente (1961)
Publicado em: Sunday, October 07, 2007 by zecalouro

I have been looking for this album for quite a long time. Not this one, but any of the few albums recorded by Moreira da Silva for Odeon at the late 50’s to early 60’s. Perhaps you will feel not comfortable to see two “Da Silva” and two “Malandros” in a row, but they are very different artists. Moreira da Silva – Malandro Diferente was recorded in 1961, with the same concept, lyrics with chronicle of Rio de Janeiro city. However, Moreira da Silva had a very different Rio de Janeiro, with no violence and drugs available and he performs Samba on a very unique way. Let’s see.

This is Moreira da Silva – Malandro Diferente (1961), for Odeon, featuring Moreira da Silva, the undisputed king of malandragem carioca also known as Kid Morengueira. Moreira da Silva career spans decades, starting in 1932 with the recording of his first 78rpm, being active until 2000, the year of his passing with 98 years. I hope you have the same pleasure I had today hearing this very old album by Moreira da Silva. Tracks include:

01 – Camelô na Cidade (Tancredo Silva / Sebastião Valença / Wagner R. de Paula)
02 – O Pugilista de Fama (Claudionor Martins / Moreira da Silva)
03 – Vou Te Contar (Kiabo)
04 – Desculpa de Soldado (Jehovah Barbosa / Moreira da Silva)
05 – Carango Assaltado (Moreira da Silva / Kiabo)
06 – Reminiscências (Heitor Catumbi / Moreira da Silva)
07 – A Dama do Cemitério (Kiabo / Moreira da Silva)
08 – No Seca-sovaco (Moreira da Silva / Ribeiro Cunha / Jorge Gonçalves)
09 – Fui a Paris (Moreira da Silva / Ribeiro Cunha)
10 – Cabrito Com Bronca (Lourival Ramos / Moreira da Silva)
11 – Se Você For à Bahia (Alberto Costa / Oldemar Magalhães)
12 – Aquele Adeus (Mário Teresópolis)


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