Ze Rodrix – Quando Sera? (1977)

25 04 2012

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Here we go on the continuation of a series of posts showing new Brazilian artists to Loronixers, the last was Francis Hime and his first LP. The new artist today Jose Rodrigues Trindade, Ze Rodrix, well known to Loronixers by his participations on albums already released to our community, such as Momento Quatro and Som Imaginario.

This is Ze Rodrix – Quando Sera? (1977), for Odeon. Ze Rodrix is one of the most important proponents of the Brazilian rock-rual style, mostly known by his participation on the most important group on the genre, the trio Sa, Rodrix & Guarabyra. Ze Rodrix is a multi instrumentalist with a solid music background, playing piano, sax, flute and accordion. His solo career started in 1973, lasting on 1979 with his last LP by RCA Victor. Since then, he is an active producer with other several different roles. Quando Sera? is perhaps is better-known album that you will need to hear several times until you get the whole of it. Do not let the first track 01 – Quando Sera cheats you, it was probably included to be a commercial success and take a special attention to track 04 – Devolve meus LPs, truly amazing. Tracks include:

01 – Quando Será (Zé Rodrix / Livi)
02 – Eu Não Fui Bandido o Tempo Todo (Zé Rodrix / Livi)
03 – Arca de Noé (Zé Rodrix)
04 – Devolve Meus Lp’s (Zé Rodrix / Livi)
05 – Guantanamera (Wolde / Marti)
06 – Casamento (Zé Rodrix / Jorge Amiden)
07 – O Dono da Verdade (Zé Rodrix / Livi)
08 – Animais (Zé Rodrix / Lamis)
09 – Foi Você Quem nos Apresentou (Zé Rodrix / Ramos)
10 – Baila Salsa (Zé Rodrix / Miguel)
11 – Água Que Não Vais Beber (Zé Rodrix / Livi)
12 – Se o Cantor Calar (Zé Rodrix / Felipe)


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Motel – Original Sound Track (1975)

21 09 2011

Link original: Motel – Original Sound Track (1975)
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This post is for the fans of OSTs and a kind of cinema movie that was very common in the 70’s, Pornochanchada, which is the name given to a genre of sexploitation films, combining pornô (porn) and chanchada (light comedy).

These films were very funny, silly, with no explicity sex as today. Actually, today’s families could watch most of these films.

This is the original sound track of the film Motel, with five instrumental tracks composed by Ze Rodrix. Motel OST is a short pick, with only 6 tracks and 12 minutes of music. If you were in Brazil during the Pornochanchada days, this will make you remember those days. If not try to realize with the music how these films could be. Tracks include:

01 – Motel (Ze Rodrix)
02 – Professor e Aluna (Ze Rodrix)
03 – Fabio e Fani (Ze Rodrix)
04 – Consultorio de Dentista (Ze Rodrix)
05 – Marina (Ze Rodrix)
06 – Paulista Solto no Rio (Ze Rodrix)


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