Carinhoso – Trilha Sonora Original (1973)

19 02 2013

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 Carinhoso - Trilha Sonora Original (1973)
Hello, good evening! Here we go on another TV Globo original sound track of one of those novels of the good old days, which in my opinion is between the late 60’s until the mid 70’s. What makes these OSTs different from today is the artists selection, always featuring giants such like Marcos Valle, Erlon Chaves and Luiz Eca, mixed with not well-know by the mass audiences, but really worth checking artists, such like Piry Reis, Trama and Fernando Leporace, featured on this OST. Let’s see.

This is Carinhoso – Trilha Sonora Original (1973), for Som Livre. Carinhoso has an above the average duration for a TV Globo OST, 46 minutes of music and two different situations. Side B features tunes with lyrics, performed by the legendary Piry Reis, Osmar Milito, Trama, Fernando Leporace, Marcos Valle and an instrumental cut that opens the album 01 – Amar, Sofrer e Sonhar, performed by the obscure Nuvens, which is a group that I never heard before. Side B is all instrumental, featuring a single artist, Marcio Montarroyos, backed by orchestra and chorus. Loronix Preview Center features 04 – Manha de Sol (Piry Reis), performed by Piry Reis. Tracks include:

The Performers

Marcos Valle
Osmar Milito
Fernando Leporace
Marcio Montarroyos

Track List

01 – Amar Sofrer e Sonhar (Grothe / Dehmel / Maria Amélia) Instrumental with Nuvens
02 – Mentira (Marcos Valle / Paulo Sergio Valle) with Marcos Valle
03 – As Moças (Antônio Carlos Marques / Jocafi) with Osmar Milito / Trama
04 – Manhã de Sol (Piry Reis) with Piry Reis
05 – Pricila (Guto Graça Melo) with Fernando Leporace
06 – Posso Ver o Mundo Pela Janela (Tony Ozanah) with Trama
07 – Amar Sofre e Sonhar (Grothe / Dehmel / Maria Amélia) with Nuvens
08 – Carinhoso (Pixinguinha / João de Barro) with Márcio Montarroyos
09 – Manhattan (R. Rogers / L. Hart) with Marcio Montarroyos
10 – Da Cor do Pecado (Bororó) with Márcio Montarroyos
11 – Chão de Estrelas (Silvio Caldas / Orestes Barbosa) with Márcio Montarroyos
12 – Maria (Ary Barroso / Luis Peixoto) with Marcio Montarroyos
13 – Mulher (Custódio Mesquita / Sady Cabral) with Márcio Montarroyos
14 – No Rancho Fundo (Lamartine Babo / Ary Barroso) with Márcio Montarroyos

This is Carinhoso – Trilha Sonora Original (1973), at Loronix,  Hope uEnjoy!

Este disco pode ser buscado no Raridades do Pipiu.

O Bem Amado – Trilha Sonora Original (1973) featuring Toquinho, Vinicius & Maria Creuza

7 02 2013

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Publicado em: Sunday, February 10, 2008 by zecalouro

O Bem Amado (1973)
Hello, good evening! Every day I learn a new thing with Loronix and today I learned several new things. The first thing was not something I learn, but good memories of this great TV Globo soup opera, perhaps the first that I watch with the age of eight. Additionally, O Bem Amado was also the first Brazilian soup opera broadcasted in color. Anyway, the great thing about this sound track is the presence of three well-known artists as main performers, Toquinho, Vinicius de Moraes and Maria Creuza, which is equivalent to discover a whole career album with them. Let’s see.This is O Bem Amado – Trilha Sonora Original (1973), for Som Livre, featuring eleven songs by Toquinho and Vinicius de Moraes, performed by Toquinho, Vinicus de Moraes, Maria Creuza and Nora Ney on track 09 – Quem e? (Sergio Endrigo / Vinicius de Moraes). O Bem Amado has also Joao Mello as Musical Producer, Maestro Chiquinho de Moraes as arranger and the participation of Maestro Rogerio Duprat as the arranger of track 01 – Paiol de Polvora. Tracks include:

The Performers

Vinicius de Moraes
Maria Creuza
Nora Ney
Coral Som Livre

Track List

01 – Paiol de Pólvora (Toquinho / Vinicius de Moraes) with Toquinho e Vinicius
02 – Patota de Ipanema (Toquinho / Vinicius de Moraes) with Maria Creuza
03 – Veja Você (Toquinho / Vinicius de Moraes) with Toquinho / Maria Creuza
04 – Cotidiano Nº 2 (Toquinho / Vinicius de Moraes) with Toquinho e Vinicius
05 – O Bem Amado (Toquinho / Vinicius de Moraes) with Coral Som Livre
06 – Meu Pai Oxalá (Toquinho / Vinicius de Moraes) with Toquinho e Vinicius
07 – Se o Amor Quiser Voltar (Toquinho / Vinicius de Moraes) with Maria Creuza
08 – Um Pouco Mais de Consideração (Toquinho / Vinicius de Moraes) with Toquinho
09 – Quem És (Sergio Endrigo / Vinicius de Moraes) with Nora Ney
10 – Se o Amor Quiser Voltar (Toquinho / Vinicius de Moraes) with Orquestra Som Livre
11 – No Colo da Serra (Toquinho / Vinicius de Moraes) with Toquinho e Vinicius

This is O Bem Amado – Trilha Sonora Original (1973), at Loronix.


Como não está disponível em nenhum local, estamos disponibilizando provisoriamente na forma de um magnet link. OBS: não se esqueça de deixar semeando  depois que você terminar de baixar (uma boa razão seria pelo menos 2 vezes o que você baixar!)

OST – Verao Vermelho (1970)

29 11 2012

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Publicado em: Sunday, November 25, 2007 by zecalouro

Hello, good evening! I’m surprised with Veu de Noiva Brazilian soap opera OST released two days ago. Until now, it is the most downloaded of the weekend, leaving classic albums by renowned artists behind. This is the reason for showing Loronixers another OST, produced by the same people in charge of Veu de Noiva, released in 1970 and kindly provided with exceptional quality by the already legendary Dona Iara. Let’s see.

This is Verao Vermelho (1970), for Philips, the original sound track of TV Globo Verao Vermelho soap opera. Directed by Nelson Motta and featuring almost the same performers of Veu de Noiva, such as Luiz Eca, Regininha, Roberto Menescal, Wilson das Neves and Elis Regina. Tracks include:

The Performers

Elis Regina
Nonato Buzar
Wilson das Neves
Luiz Eca
Erlon Chaves
Roberto Menescal
Ruy Felipe

Track List

01 – Verão Vermelho (Nonato Buzar) with Elis Regina
02 – Vitória Vitória (Tema de Raul) (Nonato Buzar) with Nonato Buzar
03 – Ela (Tema de Patrícia) (Antônio Adolfo / Tibério Gaspar) with Regininha
04 – Jornada (Tema de Selma) (Roberto Menescal) with Wilson das Neves
05 – Onde Você Mora (Tema de Flávio) (Paulinho Tapajós / Edmundo Souto) with Luis Eça
06 – Baião do Sol (Tema de Geralda) (Nelson Ângelo)
07 – The Time Of Noon (Tema de Amor) (A. Kerr) with Erlon Chaves
08 – Ela (Tema de Patrícia) (Antônio Adolfo / Tibério Gaspar) with Regininha
09 – Vitória Vitória (Tema de Raul) (Nonato Buzar) with Erlon Chaves
10 – Assim É a Bahia (Roberto Menescal / Ronaldo Bôscoli) with Roberto Menescal
11 – Onde Você Mora (Tema de Flávio) (Paulinho Tapajós / Edmundo Souto) with Ruy Felipe
12 – Verão Vermelho (Nonato Buzar) with Luis Eça



Não tinha esse disco. Porém, graças ao amigo Amilcar, acabo de saber que ele pode ser buscado no Tocou na Novela. Agora também está disponível no Martoni.


Veu de Noiva (1969)

27 11 2012

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Publicado em: Friday, November 23, 2007 by zecalouro

Hello, good evening! Loronix received today a major contribution, lots of vinyl, in every format you can imagine, including singles, EPs, 10-inch and some really cool 78rpms. This is the first out of approximately 40 new albums, sent by Dona Iara that read the last Luiz Antonio Gravata article at Jornal O Globo and decided to make this really nice donation. I use to ask donators what should be the first album released and it was very wise of Dona Iara to pick up this one, probably by her memories of this very old TV Globo soap opera. Let’s see.This is Veu de Noiva – OST (1969), for Philips, a very old soundtrack, prior to the creation of Som Livre, the TV Globo label. They never made soundtracks such like this one, featuring renowned artists and music written for the soundtrack, instead of tracks gathered from regular artist’s career albums. Veu de Noiva features artists that we like must, such as Luiz Eca, Roberto Menescal, Joyce, Wilson das Neves, Elis Regina, among others. Let’s congratulate Dona Iara for the overall contribution and this very nice initial pick. Tracks include:

The PerformersLuiz Eca
Azymuth (Apolo IV)
Roberto Menescal
Elis Regina
Wilson das Neves
The Youngsters
Claudio Roditi

Tracks List

01 – Tema de Luciano (César Camargo Mariano) with Luiz Eça
02 – Teletema (Tema de Amor) (Antônio Adolfo / Tibério Gaspar) with Regininha
03 – Azimut (Mil Milhas – Tema de Marcelo) (Marcos Valle / Novelli) with Azymuth (Apolo IV)
04 – Gente Humilde (Garoto / Vinicius de Moraes / Chico Buarque) with Márcia
05 – Depois da Queda (Tema de Flor) (Roberto Menescal) with Roberto Menescal
06 – Irene (Caetano Veloso) with Elis Regina
07 – Andréa (Dori Caymmi / Nelson Motta) with Joyce
08 – Azimuth (Mil Milhas – Tema de Marcelo) (Marcos Valle / Novelli) with Azymuth (Apolo IV)
09 – Tele Tema (Tema de Amor) (Antônio Adolfo / Tibério Gaspar) with Regininha / Laércio
10 – Irene (Caetano Veloso) with Wilson das Neves
11 – Abertura (Guilherme Dias Gomes) with The Youngsters
12 – Teletema (Tema de Amor) (Antônio Adolfo / Tibério Gaspar) with Cláudio Roditi

This is Veu de Noiva (1969), at Loronix, hope uEnjoy!


Esse disco pode ser buscado no Tocou na Novela.

O Cafona – Trilha Sonora Original (1971)

4 01 2012

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Publicado em: SUNDAY, FEBRUARY 04, 2007


Hello, Good Night! I’m making a late arrival today, coming from zecalouro’s mother. Once again, she made some posts advice that I have to obey as a good kid. I know that we can never skip mom’s advice and I will make in the forthcoming days of the week. Yesterday, the great Patricia Prado shouted at CBox for the original soundtrack of the TV Globo Novel O Cafona. I confess that I had no hope to find something solid on this soundtrack to share with Loronixers, I was wrong. The soundtrack casts all the artists that we learn to admire at Loronix and you should enjoy it very much.This is O Cafona – Trilha Sonora Original (1971), for Sigla, featuring Marilia Pera, Jacks Wu, O Som Livre, Angela Valle, Carlos Lyra, Marcos Samy (not to be take as Marcos Samm), Angela e Paulo Sergio Valle, Betinho, Marilia Barbosa, Pedrinho Rodrigues, Nonato Buzar, Sergio Ricardo and Marcello Guenza. The arrangements are from Ivan Paulo, Roberto Menescal, Carlos Lyra and Arthur Verocai. You can check details at the track list. Tracks include:

1. Shirley Sexy
(Fred Falcão / Arnoldo Medeiros)
Intérprete(s): Marília Pêra

2. Nada Mais
(Roberto Menescal / W. Prado)
Intérprete(s): Jacks Wu

3. Bia Bia Beatriz
(Ivan Lins / Ronaldo Monteiro de Souza)
Intérprete(s): O Som Livre

4. Depois de Tanto Tempo
(Dori Caymmi / Nelson Motta)
Intérprete(s): Ângela Valle

5. Gente do Morro
(Carlos Lyra / Vinicius de Moraes)
Intérprete(s): Carlos Lyra

6. Homem de Bem
(César Costa Filho / Aldir Blanc)
Intérprete(s): Marcos Samy

7. O Cafona
(Marcos Valle / Paulo Sergio Valle)
Intérprete(s): Paulo Sergio Valle / Ângela Valle

8. Lúcia Esparadrapo
(Antônio Carlos Pinto / Jocafi / Ildásio Tavares)
Intérprete(s): Betinho

9. Manequim
(Antônio Adolfo / Tibério Gaspar)
Intérprete(s): Marília Barbosa

10. Alta Sociedade
(Nonato Buzar / Marcos Vasconcellos)
Intérprete(s): Pedrinho Rodrigues

11. I Get Baby
(Paulinho Tapajós / Arthur Verocai)
Intérprete(s): Nonato Buzar

12. Luzes Câmera Ação
(Luiz Cláudio / Chico Anísio)
Intérprete(s): Betinho

13. Tudo o Que Eu Sou Eu Dei
(Carlos Lyra / Ruy Guerra)
Intérprete(s): Sergio Ricardo

14. Tanto Cara
(P. Mirigliano / A. Mancinotti / G. Zinzi)
Intérprete(s): Marcello Guenza

Esse disco pode ser buscado na Rádio Forma e Elenco do Martoni.

Pigmaliao 70 – Trilha Sonora (1970)

2 01 2012

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Publicado em: Friday, February 02, 2007 by zecalouro

Yesterday, we received a hint from the great Loronixer Beto Kessel of a TV Globo soundtrack that Loronixers should not miss. I took the files (unfortunately, I do not have the LP) for a hearing today and I agree 100% with Beto, this soundtrack worth a posts and it is solid from start to end. Thanks for this recommendation and the previous ones, Beto.

This is Pigmaliao 70 – Trilha Sonora (1970), for Philips, perhaps, one of the best Brazilian novel soundtrack made, featuring Umas & Outras, Jackson do Pandeiro, Erlon Chaves, The Youngsters, Egberto Gismonti, Claudette Soares, Jose Briamonte Orquestra, Wilson das Neves and Globetes. This OST worth and I invite you to try. Tracks Include:

01 – Pigmalião 70 (Marcos Valle / Paulo Sergio Valle) Performer: Umas & Outras
02 – A Feira (Nonato Buzar / Mônica Silveira) Performer: Jackson do Pandeiro
03 – Tema de Cristina (José Briamonte) Performer: Erlon Chaves
04 – Tema de Kiko (Roberto Carlos / Erasmo Carlos) Performer: The Youngsters
05 – Pêndulo (Egberto Gismonti) Performer: Egberto Gismonti
06 – Ao Redor (Tema de Amor) (Antônio Adolfo / Tibério Gaspar) Performer: Claudette Soares
07 – Tema de Cristina (José Briamonte) Performer: Briamonte Orquestra
08 – Tema de Nando e Candinha (Luhli / Luis Carlos Sá / Sônia Prazeres) Performer: Erlon Chaves
09 – A Feira (Nonato Buzar / Mônica Silveira) Performer: Wilson das Neves
10 – Ao Redor (Tema de Amor) (Antônio Adolfo / Tibério Gaspar) Performer: Globetes
11 – Os Povos (Milton Nascimento / Márcio Borges) Performer: Erlon Chaves
12 – Pigmalião 70 (Marcos Valle / Paulo Sergio Valle) Performer: Erlon Chaves


Este disco pode ser buscado no Tocou na Novela.

Anos Dourados (1988)

18 12 2011

Link na Internet Wayback Machine: Anos Dourados (1988)
Publicado em: SATURDAY, JANUARY 20, 2007

I don’t know why I was reluctant to make this post. I have been silly to keep it locked for such a long time. I heard this morning, very loud, while making coffee with zeca and we both feel great. Actually, this LP saved my day, such happy and motivated I became. It is just a OST from a TV Globo soup opera, but the guy in charge of this selection was really inspired. With a few exceptions, this mix of Brazilian songs with America standards is killer. You should not miss.
This is Anos Dourados – OST (1988), from Som Livre, as I said before, a really inspired selection featuring Nat King Cole, Maysa, Roberto Yanes, Dolores Duran, Billy Eckstine, Perez Prado, Ella Fritzgerald, Dick Farney, Dinah Washington, Teddy Reno, Elizeth Cardoso, The Platters, Edith Piaf and Antonio Carlos Jobim. Will you miss it? I wouldn’t… Tracks include:01 – When I Fall In Love – Nat King Cole
02 – Franqueza – Maysa
03 – Tu Me Acostumbraste – Roberto Yanés
04 – Por Causa de Você – Dolores Duran
05 – I Apologise – Billy Eckstine
06 – Patrícia – Perez Prado
07 – All Of Tou – Ella Fitzgerald
08 – Alguém Como Tu – Dick Farney
09 – What a Difference a Day Makes – Dinah Washington
10 – Accarezzame – Teddy Reno
11 – As Praias Desertas – Elizeth Cardoso
12 – Smoke Gets In Your Eyes – The Platters
13 – Mon Manège à Moi (Tu Me Fais Tourner La Tête) – Edith Piaf
14 – Anos Dourados – Antonio Carlos JobimThis is Anos Dourados – Trilha Sonora Original (1988), at Loronix.

Este disco pode ser buscado na Rádio Forma e Elenco do Martoni. A versão de “Anos Dourados” do disco ainda não incluía a letra do Chico Buarque. No vídeo abaixo, a belíssima versão completa, na interpretação do Chico e do Tom Jobim:

Pantanal – OST (1990)

3 11 2011

Link na Internet Wayback Machine: Pantanal – OST (1990)
Publicado em: SUNDAY, DECEMBER 03, 2006

This post is slightly out of Loronix scope but you should like it a lot, it is the OST of a soup opera, not from TV Globo this time, but from TV Manchete, 1990. Pantanal – OST (1990), for Bloch Discos, was filmed at Pantanal, the vast wetland area in the world, covering portions of Brazil, Paraguay and Bolivia. Pantanal covers up to 200,000 square kilometers in the rainy season.

Pantanal was the soup opera that I watch from the beginning to the end and enjoyed a lot. Pantanal was very important to bring some consciousness to Brazilian people for this natural sanctuary now well-known by the time it was showed in 1990.

In spite this enchanting cover, you will get on this LP some regional music from Pantanal, performed by Almir Sater, Marcos Viana and Sagrado Coracao da Terra, acclaimed psych folk artists and a wonderful version of George Martin’s Pepperland, performed by the Brazilian guitar hero Robertinho de Recife.

ClaudiaB, the mighty owner of Cantos e Encantos, a Brazilian blog dedicated to music for kids, kindly provided this LP. Cantos e Encantos have some truly amazing gems available that you should not miss, such as: Mundo das Criancas by Veludo AzulThe Banana Splits – Tralala Songs (1967), Chico Buarque – Os Saltimbancos (1977), several Nara Leao songs for kids, among many others. Cantos e Encantos is Tracks include:

01 – No Mundo dos Sonhos (Pepperland) (Martin) – with Robertinho de Recife
02 – Quem Saberia Perder (Luis Carlos Sá / Guarabyra) – with Ivan Lins and Sá e Guarabyra
03 – Apaixonada (Tunai) – with Simone
04 – Divinamente Nua a Lua (Caetano Veloso / Orlando Morais) – with Orlando Morais
05 – Amor Selvagem (Marcus Viana) – with Marcus Viana
06 – Estrela Natureza (Luis Carlos Sá / Guarabyra) – with Sá e Guarabyra
07 – Pantanal (Marcus Viana) – with Sagrado Coração da Terra
08 – Memória da Pele (João Bosco / Waly Salomão) – with João Bosco
09 – Castigo (Dolores Duran / Antônio Maria) – with Léo Gandelman
10 – Um Violeiro Toca (Almir Sater / Renato Teixeira) – with Almir Sater
11 – Triste Berrante (Adauto Santos) – with Adauto Santos / Solange Maria
12 – Comitiva Esperança (Almir Sater / Paulo Simões) – with Sergio Reis

This is Pantanal – OST (1990), at Loronix.

Este disco pode ser buscado no Um que Tenha.

Irmaos Coragem – Original Soundtrack (1970) TV Globo Soup Opera

28 08 2011

Link original: Irmaos Coragem – Original Soundtrack (1970) TV Globo Soup Opera
Publicado em: Monday, September 11, 2006 by zecalouro

This is something that zecalouro’s mother will be very happy to see at Loronix next time she get together with her green bird. The Original Soundtrack of the TV Globo soup opera Irmaos Coragem (1970). A Loronix friend said that every TV Globo soup opera soundtrack deserves a careful listen. I can tell you, Irmaos Coragem is a really good OST, having something special on several aspects.

The production and arrangements are in charge of a “power trio”, Waltel Branco, Luiz Eca and Dori Caymmi. The performers were the best available: Jair Rodrigues, Dori Caymmi, Denise Emmer, Maysa, Tim Maia, Maria Creuza, Luiz Eça and Joyce, making an unique version of Bachiana #5 of Heitor Villa Lobos, among others. Tracks include:

01 – Jair – Rodrigues – Irmãos Coragem (Nonato Buzar / Paulinho Tapajós)
02 – Luis Carlos Sa – Jerônimo (Luis Carlos Sá)
03 – Regina Duarte – Minhas Tardes de Sol (Paulinho Machado)
04 – Umas & Outras – Ondas Médias (Antônio Adolfo / Tibério Gaspar)
05 – A Banda das Cores Magicas – Porto Seguro (Dori Caymmi)
06 – Denise Emmer e Marcos Pitter – Coroado (Denise Emmer)
07 – Maysa – Nosso Caminho (Fred Falcão / Arnoldo Medeiros)
08 – Paulinho Tapajos – Irmãos Coragem (Nonato Buzar / Paulinho Tapajós)
09 – Tim Maia – João Coragem (Tim Maia / Cassiano)
10 – Maria Creuza – Flamengo Flamengo (Renato Luis Lobo)
11 – Luiz Eça – Branca (Danilo Caymmi / João Carlos Pádua)
12 – Eustáquio Sena – O Amor Maior (Eustáquio Sena)
13 – Joyce – Bachiana Nº 5 (Villa-Lobos)


Este disco pode ser buscado no Galeria do Flashback. Existe uma outra versão da capa, pela gravadora Philips, que segue abaixo. Acredito que ela é a original, pois, segundo a Wikipedia, o primeiro disco lançado pela gravadora Som Livre foi o da novela “O Cafona” de 1971.