Christiane Legrand – Of Smiles and Tears (1971)

21 11 2011

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Publicado em: Monday, December 25, 2006 by zecalouro

This is Mr. G. gift, he took the last Sacha Distel release as inspiration and sent to us another LP with the bridge Brazil | France, according with Mr. G., a masterpiece release in 1971 by Philips. Let’s see if we can make the same excitement we had with Sacha Distel.

This is Christiane Legrand – Of Smiles and Tears (1971), for Philips. My searches have failed on finding information about Christiane Legrand and this LP and you will have to believe in Mr. G. and zecalouro this time. This is a nice set of Bossa Nova songs converted to French lyrics. Christine understood perfectly the Bossa Nova spirit and the way of singing. I’m not an expert on French language, so I cannot evaluate how lyrics were converted, but the outcome sounds nice and it seems that Mr. G. is right to say it is a masterpiece. I invite you to check this out. Tracks include:

01 – Rome (Children’s Game)
02 – Avec Des Je Avec Des Ja (Voce e Eu)
03 – Cent Mille Poissons Dans Ton Flilet (O Cafona)
04 – La Riziere (Cancao do Sal)
05 – Ta Maison N’est Plus La Mienne (Travessia)
06 – HLM et Cine Roman (Shirley Sexy)
07 – Maria Endormie (Maria, Minha Fe)
08 – Vai (Canto de Ossanha)
09 – Deux Camarades (Morro Velho)
10 – Catavento
11 – Tant de Gens (Outubro)


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