Antonio Carlos Jobim and Frank Sinatra – Sinatra Jobim, the Lost Tape (1969)

25 12 2011

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I have no doubts that we have a wonderful closing to our 48 Hours of Tom Jobim at Loronix tribute. Thanks to Cesar Saldanha to make it available and for the continuous research on everything we need to know about this tape. Thanks Caetano Rodrigues that put his hands on the search to realize some important facts about this tape.

Thanks Loronixers for being here giving feedback on each release. I think we could accomplish together a truly significant tribute to Antonio Carlos Jobim legacy, making available his works and the works of other artist that were also great admirers of Tom Jobim as we are. I’m tired, but honored for making it and proud of the support of everybody. Some materials were sent in the last minute using the send files icon that could not be made available timely for this homage, thanks also for this last minute support. Your contribution was saved and will be shared later. Let’s see what we have here.

This is Antonio Carlos Jobim and Frank Sinatra – SinatraJobim, The Lost Tape (1969), for Reprise Records. I’m not writing the truth, only assumptions gathered during the last days, since the great Cesar Saldanha sent this tape to us. What we could understand for this media, this is a tape for a sesion that would be released in 1969 as the second Antonio Carlos Jobim and Sinatra collaboration. For reasons that I can only write as assumption, Frank Sinatra did not like the outcome and the record company had to withdraw this music in the last minute. Some of these tracks were used on other records, specially the one known as Sinatra & Company (1971), for Reprise.

But there is an exception. Track 10 – Off-Key (Desafinado) was never released on any media, except this lost tape. That is what makes this an amazing release, a widely unknown Sinatra recording of a classic Antonio Carlos Jobim composition. The sequence of pictures is self-explanatory. If you agree, know more or have a different story to tell, that’s the idea, feel free to engage the discussion and collaborate.

Thanks once again for supporting 48 Hours of Tom Jobim at Loronix. I was almost forgetting to say, Tracks Include:

01 – Sabia
02 – Bonita
03 – Drinking Water (Agua de Beber)
04 – One Note Samba (Samba de Uma Nota So)
05 – Don’t Ever go Away (Por Causa de Voce)
06 – Someone to Light Up my Life
07 – Triste
08 – Wave
09 – This Happy Madness (Estrada Branca)
10 – Off Key (Desafinado) – Never Released
Last Minute information: Eumir Deodato is the arranger and plays the piano.


Esta fita pode ser buscada no Rei do Disco. Havia um vídeo na postagem original que não consegui identificar qual era.  Escolhi um dos muitos disponíveis no Youtube:

E aqui terminam as “48 Horas de Jobim” do Loronix. Espero que todos tenham aproveitado tanto quanto eu aproveitei!