Music Video | Ana Mazzotti – Grand Chick

25 02 2012

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Hello, Good Evening! Starting with a video and making the day of Ana Mazzotti fans and Loronixers. I could never realize I would see Ana Mazzotti on video, this is just heaven. Guess who is behind this Ana Mazzotti video? I can hear everybody yelling the name of Luiz Harding. Thanks Luiz, this is what I call a self-explanatory video.
Hope uEnjoy!

Vale a pena conferir o canal do Toni Mazzotti Santos, com vários outros vídeos da Ana Mazzotti, incluindo outra versão de Grand Chick, que vai abaixo:

Ana Mazzotti – Ana Mazzotti ao Vivo (1982)

18 02 2012

Link original: Ana Mazzotti – Ana Mazzotti ao Vivo (1982)
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Hello, good evening! Let’s start the day as much straightforward as we can. First, I want to say thanks to everybody who gives feedback on the out of topic parrot video. Unfortunately, the new streaming service could not meet the desired expectation. Different behavior was reported on different operational systems. We need more research until we reach the best to everybody.

Anyway, let’s keep our focus on the music, presenting a Brazilian Jazz singer and pianist that was introduced to Lorixers by Max de Castro and now is being revisited with the help of tcisalpino, which I want to say many thanks for this contribution.

This is Ana Mazzotti – Ana Mazzotti ao Vivo (1982), for an independent label, recorded live during Festival de Verao do Guaruja, Sao Paulo, 1982. Everybody calls this record as Ao Vivo no Guaruja, this is the third and last Ana Mazzotti album, a celebrated artist that left us tragically and early. I’m sure when Ana Mazzotti has passed away and I need to check later when my Internet connection comes back to work as normal. I also want to remember a request from our Loronix friend Telmo Mylius, Telmo is looking for a unlisted Ana Mazzotti LP called Ana Mazzotti e Conjunto Desenvolvimento, if you know something about this album, please let us know. Thanks once again, tcisalpino. Tracks include:

01 – O Causo (Ana Mazzotti)
02 – Mudanças (Ana Mazzotti)
03 – Nada Me Governara (Ana Mazzotti)
04 – Roda Mundo (Ana Mazzotti)
05 – Blues Pros Bicos (Ana Mazzotti)
06 – Perguntação (Ana Mazzotti)
07 – Grand Chick (Ana Mazzotti)


Este disco pode ser buscado no Groove do Bom.

Ana Mazzotti – Ninguem Vai me Segurar (1974)

9 10 2011

Link original: Ana Mazzotti – Ninguem Vai me Segurar (1974)
Publicado em: Thursday, November 16, 2006 by zecalouro

Ana Mazzotti has arrived at Loronix. She is a Brazilian singer from the 70’s, specialized in Jazz that release this debut LP in 1974 and two additional releases, one in 1974 and other one in 1982, a recorded live show. Anyway, that is all I know about Ana Mazzotti, but I’m sure that this is sensational LP, Ana Mazzotti – Ninguem Vai me Segurar (1974), for Top Tape.

Thanks Max de Castro that provided with his great sharing spirit this LP to Loronixers. Max describes this record with a great enthusiasm and I agree with Max, this is a flawless JazzFunky record from the 70’s, with Anna Mazzotti backed up by three Azimuth members, including the mighty Jose Roberto Bertrami (moog, organ and piano), Alex Malheiros (bass and guitars), Romildo T. Santos (drums) and Ariovaldo (percussion). I think this is one of those LPs that are released quiet and becomes all time favorites. Tracks include:

01 – Agora Ou Nunca Mais (Ana Mazzotti / José Roberto Bertrami)
02 – Roda Mundo (Ana Mazzotti)
03 – Acalanto (Ana Mazzotti / José Roberto Bertrami)
04 – Cordão (Chico Buarque)
05 – De Um Jeito Só (Ana Mazzotti)
06 – Eu Sou Mais Eu (Ana Mazzotti)
07 – Canto de Meditação (Ana Mazzotti)
08 – Feel Like Making Love (Gene Mac Daniela)
09 – Bairro Negro (Ana Mazzotti)
10 – Sou (José Roberto Bertrami / Ezidio)


Este disco pode ser buscado no Abracadabra. Existe uma outra versão da capa, que segue abaixo.