Trio Mocoto – Muita Zorra! …Sao Coisas que Glorificam a Sensibilidade Atual (1971)

13 10 2011

Link na Internet Wayback Machine: Trio Mocoto – Muita Zorra! …Sao Coisas que Glorificam a Sensibilidade Atual (1971)
Publicado em: Thursday, July 20, 2006

It has been a time since the first Loronix friend asked for Trio Mocoto, zecalouro spent a long time digging this release, but here they are. Trio Mocoto is a group that layout a new style that was known later as SambaRock, which is the fusion of both styles. They were pioneers, influencing several artists like Tim Maia and Jorge Ben.

Trio Mocoto was assembled in 1968 and became Jorge Ben backup band. They made together several shows and released a renowned record with Ben on a live presentation in Japan.

Their first solo LP came out in 1971, Muita Zorra! …Sao Coisas que Glorificam a Sensibilidade Atual!, now available at Loronix. After releasing two additional LPs they decided to terminate. But there are good news, in 2004, after 24 years without being together, they went back to business releasing the CD Beleza! Beleza! Beleza!

Let’s dance with Trio Mocoto debut LP, Muita Zorra!


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Jorge Ben & Trio Mocoto – On Stage | In Japan with Trio Mocoto (1972)

14 09 2011

Link original: Jorge Ben & Trio Mocoto – On Stage | In Japan with Trio Mocoto (1972)
Publicado em: Saturday, October 14, 2006 by zecalouro

What about a 320Kbps audio of a live concert performed by Jorge Ben and Trio Mocoto in Japan, 1972? Pretty interesting. This is what zecalouro received from MOFO, the same who asked and worked together with Marcelo Munhoz on the last Gerson King Combo release.

This concert was performed when Jorge Ben and Trio Mocoto toured in Europe and this is the live recording of the Japanese stage. I’m not sure if this is a official release or a bootleg, no artwork cover is available. This wonderful cover was also a work of MOFO, which is very good and will be opening this release until the original one arrives. Tracks include:

01 – Mas que Nada
02 – Charles Jr.
03 – Que Pena
04 – Take it Easy my Brother Charles
05 – Domenica Domingava num Domingo Linda Toda de Branco
06 – Apresentacao
07 – Oba, La vem Ela
08 – Zazueira
09 – Chove Chuva
10 – Quem Foi que Roubou a Sopeira…
11 – Cade Tereza
12 – Pandeiro, Zabumba, Batucada
13 – Pulo Pulo
14 – Hino do Flamengo, Pais Tropical
15 – Banana Bananeiro
16 – Ta na Hora
17 – Domingas
18 – Cidade Maravilhosa – Hino do Flamengo


Este disco pode ser buscado no Sacundinbenblog. Como comentado pelo Zeca, a capa apresentada acima foi “fabricada” para a postagem no Loronix. A capa real do disco segue abaixo.