Hermeto Pascoal – Sinfonica em Quadrinhos | with Orquestra Sinfonica Jovem de Sao Paulo

22 10 2011

Link original: Hermeto Pascoal – Sinfonica em Quadrinhos | with Orquestra Sinfonica Jovem de Sao Paulo
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This is a bootleg recording of Hermeto Pascoal with the Orquestra Sinfonica Jovem de Sao Paulo. No, I’m not going nuts, Hermeto used to urge the audiences to record his live performances and spread the tapes, in an attempt to overcome the indifference of recording companies to his music, that’s what we have here.

Hermeto experiences with classical music on this tape, recorded with an orchestra at Teatro Municipal de Sao Paulo. The exact date of this recording is uncertain, probably it is from the late 80’s. Anyway, this is Hermeto Pascoal on classics and you should not miss.

Post post information: please read this post comments with accurate information provided by Jovino Santos Neto, which is the Musical Director of this concert. Thanks for the info Maestro.


Esta gravação está no Meu Cérebro Magnético, que disponibilizou a discografia completa do Hermeto. A gravação está lá como “1993 – Hermeto e Sinfônica de Campinas”, que parece ser a orquestra que realmente toca com ele. A capa que usaram segue abaixo: