Dom Salvador e Abolicao – Som, Sangue e Raca (1971)

21 11 2012

Link original: Dom Salvador e Abolicao – Som, Sangue e Raca (1971)
Publicado em: Friday, November 16, 2007 by zecalouro

I think it is not necessary to introduce this album and this artist. I just need to inform this is another fantastic album being reposted by the mighty tcisalpino, keeping the funky pace from yesterday’s Jorge Ben release. Actually, this album was scheduled for yesterday, and I could not make it due some transfer problems with tcisalpino, which is one of the most kind friends Loronix has, thanks friend. Som, Sangue e Raca was one of the first albums released at Loronix and I think everybody should support this upgrade. Let’s see.

This is Dom Salvador e Abolicao – Som, Sangue e Raca (1971), for Columbia, an anthological album, being the first release by Movimento Black Rio, a cultural movement born in the suburban area of Rio de Janeiro that had a great influence on further popular music landscape in Brazil. Many reviewers consider this album one of the best records released in 1971, not only in Brazil, but globally. Abolicao is the name of Dom Salvador band and it was more than a musical group, they ran such like a family, a community, something very usual in the early 70’s. I don’t want to make you wait longer; I will let you now with Som, Sangue e Raca, solid from the start to end, good night. Tracks include:


Dom Salvador
(trumpet. flugelhorn)
Jose Carlos
Luiz Carlos
(drums, vocals)
(percussion, vocal)
(sax, flute)

Track List

01 – Uma Vida (Dom Salvador / Arnoldo Medeiros)
02 – Guanabara (Dom Salvador / Arnoldo Medeiros)
03 – Hei Você (Nelsinho / Getúlio Cortes)
04 – Som Sangue e Raça (Dom Salvador / Marcos Versiani)
05 – Tema Pro Gaguinho (Dom Salvador)
06 – O Rio (Dom Salvador / Arnoldo Medeiros)
07 – Evo (Dom Salvador / Pedro Santos)
08 – Numbre One (Dom Salvador)
09 – Folia de Reis (Jorge Canseira / Paulo Silva)
10 – Moeda Reza e Cor (Dom Salvador / Marcos Versiani)
11 – Samba do Malandrinho (Dom Salvador)
12 – Tio Macrô (Dom Salvador / Arnoldo Medeiros)


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Dom Salvador Quartet – Rio Claro Suite (1984)

26 09 2012

Link original: Dom Salvador Quartet – Rio Claro Suite (1984)
Publicado em: Thursday, November 01, 2007 by zecalouro

Forma & Elenco is a radio show broadcasted every Saturday on Brazilian radio and Internet streaming. I know there are many radios and many shows in Brazil. However, Forma & Elenco is really special, it is all about Bossa Nova and it is produced and presented by Leo Ribeiro Jr., a great Loronixer. Loronix and Forma & Elenco are connected; Leo uses to make the show agenda based on the music available at Loronix. Additionally, Leo does not miss the chance to make beautiful statements about Loronix, mentioning zecalouro and several other Loronix friends.

I urge Loronixers to join Leo on his show, every Saturday at 7pm with a new broadcast in the following day, Sunday at 11am, Brazilian time. Forma & Elenco Radio streams the show at

The tireless Leo Ribeiro Jr. has also established a website with my great friend Martoni from The Netherlands, which is the owner and maintainer of Radio Forma & Elenco blog,, with everything about the show, including audio from past programs in case you miss one. Congratulations Leo and Martoni for this great new resource.

Leo delivers Loronix agenda today, providing this beautiful and pretty unknown Dom Salvador album. Dom Salvador and Leo Ribeiro Jr. are friends and share something in common; they were born in the city of Rio Claro, in the middle of Sao Paulo state, as indicated at the yellow arrow at the map in your left.

Dom Salvador was nominated Cidadao Hemerito of Rio Claro city in June 2007, being there to receive his nomination and also give a concert. Guess who was there with Dom Salvador? Leo Ribeiro Jr. that recorded this interview with this legendary musician sending the whole audio as a gift to our community. Thanks Leo. You can hear the whole show with Dom Salvador participation downloading the audio at this link, Forma & Elenco Especial – Dom Salvador.

This is Dom Salvador Quartet – Rio Claro Suite (1984), with all music except for Farofa Amarela composed and arranged by Dom Salvador. I think Loronixers will be surprise by the chance to hear this really unknown Dom Salvador album, recorded in the US with the accompaniment of great musicians. Tracks include:


Dom Salvador
(piano, accordion, surdo, pandeiro)
Dick Oatts
(sax, flute)
Dennis Irwin
Duduka da Fonseca
(drums, percussion, berimbau)
Dona Isabel
(Salvador’s mother)

Track List

01 – Arroz de Festa (Dom Salvador)
02 – Depois da Chuva (Dom Salvador)
03 – Gafieira (Dom Salvador)
04 – Maria (Dom Salvador)
05 – Meu Caro Irmao (Dom Salvador)
06 – Rio Claro Suite (Dom Salvador)
07 – Luna (Dom Salvador)
08 – Vinho do Porto (Dom Salvador)
09 – Samba do Malandrinho (Dom Salvador)
10 – Cheio de Esperanca (Dom Salvador)


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Dom Salvador – Dom Salvador (1969)

26 09 2011

Link original: Dom Salvador – Dom Salvador (1969)
Publicado em: Thursday, November 02, 2006 by zecalouro

Very wise of Max de Castro of calling my attention to Dom Salvador and this LP, Dom Salvador – Dom Salvador (1969), not available at Loronix and made possible by Max, who sent also the files from his personal collection. Thanks once again, Max for the great sharing spirit and your always nice collaborations.

This Dom Salvador release is a real missing piece, recorded just before the creation of Dom Salvador & Abolicao – Som, Sangue e Raça (1971), his legendary LP with the black only band Abolicao.

Max said that Dom Salvador is one of the first posts at Loronix and it is quite sure that our community will appreciate this new release. I agree with Max and I’m sure of it. Unfortunately, I could not search info on who is playing with Dom Salvador piano at the set, which is something that you can help us to identify with your collaboration in comments section. Tracks include:

01 – Tio Macrô (Dom Salvador / Arnoldo Medeiros)
02 – Asa Branca (Luis Gonzaga / Humberto Teixeira)
03 – Moeda Reza e Cor (Dom Salvador / Marcos Versiani)
04 – Cantinflas (Dom Salvador / Arnoldo Medeiros)
05 – Barumbá (Luis Eça / Bebeto)
06 – Folia de Reis (Jorge Canseira / Paulo Silva)
07 – Sambaloo (Dom Salvador / Arnoldo Medeiros)
08 – O Tempo Será Tua Paz (Dom Salvador / Mariá)
09 – O Rio (Dom Salvador / Arnoldo Medeiros)
10 – País Tropical (Jorge Ben “Jorge Benjor”)
11 – Be By My Side (E. Record / B. Acklin)
12 – Cantiga Por Luciana (Paulinho Tapajós / Edmundo Souto)


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Rosinha de Valenca, Sylvia Telles & Edu Lobo with Dom Salvador Trio – Folklore e Bossa Nova do Brazil (1966)

13 09 2011

I can file and track down every request and recommendation made by Loronixers, but seems to be imposible so far to associate the requests with requesters, specially one so hard to track down such as this nice LP with the participation of several Brazilian starts recorded for the label MPS/Basf in 1966, Germany.

The whole story is so far unknow, but this studio record has together on the set Chico Batera, Dom Salvador, Edu Lobo, J.T. Meirelles, Jorge Arena, Rosinha de Valenca, Rubens Bassini and Sylvia Telles. Some websites reports a not credited participation of Baden Powell, which is something to be checked. Who has the whole story about this? If any friend has additional info, please write us on comments. Tracks will be given with detailed participation on each track.

01 – Macumba (Tradicional) – Performed by: Rubens Bassini / Jorge Arena
02 – Uma Noite (Codó) – Performed by: Rosinha de Valença
03 – Tema Pro Luis (Murillo Pessoa) – Performed by: Rosinha de Valença
04 – O Orvalho Vem Caindo (Noel Rosa) – Performed by: Meirelles
05 – Barquinho (Roberto Menescal / Ronaldo Bôscoli) – Performed by: Meirelles
06 – Meu Fraco É Café Forte (Dom Salvador) – Performed by: Dom Salvador
07 – Discussão (Tom Jobim / Newton Mendonça) – Performed by: Silvinha Telles
08 – Upa Neguinho (Edu Lobo / Gianfrancesco Guarnieri) – Performed by: Edu Lobo
09 – Dindi (Tom Jobim / Aloysio de Oliveira) – Performed by: Silvinha Telles
10 – Pra Dizer Adeus (Edu Lobo / Torquato Neto) – Performed by: Edu Lobo
11 – Berimbau (Baden Powell) – Performed by: Jorge Arena / Chico Batera / Rosinha de Valença / Edu Lobo / Silvinha Telles — Cuíca (Chico Batera) – Performed by: Rosinha de Valença / Silvinha Telles / Edu Lobo / Chico Batera / Jorge Arena — Cavaquinho (Rosinha de Valença) – Performed by: Chico Batera / Jorge Arena / Edu Lobo / Silvinha Telles / Rosinha de Valença — Tristeza (Haroldo Lobo) – Performed by: Rosinha de Valença / Silvinha Telles / Edu Lobo / Jorge Arena / Chico Batera


• Track 1: Rubens Bassini e Jorge Arena (Atabaque) e Chico Batera (Agogô)
• Track 2: Rosinha de Valença (Violão)
• Track 3: Rosinha de Valença (Violão), Sergio (Baixo), Meirelles (Reco-reco), Chico (Tamborim), Jorge Arena (Atabaque) e Rubens Bassini (Pandeiro)
• Track 4: Meirelles (Sax tenor), Chico Batera (Bateria), Sergio (Baixo, Reco-reco), Dom Salvador (Piano, Agogô), Rubens Bassini (Pandeiro) e Jorge Arena (Atabaque)
• Track 5: Meirelles (Flauta), Dom Salvador (Piano), Sergio (Baixo) e Chico Batera (Bateria)
• Track 6: Dom Salvador (Piano), Sergio (Baixo) e Chico Batera (Bateria)
• Track 7: Rosinha de Valença (Tamborim), Rubens Bassini (Pandeiro), Chico Batera (Bateria), Sergio (Baixo) e Dom Salvador (Piano)
• Track 8: Edu Lobo (Violão), Salvador (Piano), Sergio (Baixo), Chico Batera (Bateria), Meirelles (Fluta), Rubens Bassini (Percussão, Atabaque), e Jorge Avena (Atabaque)
• Track 9: Rosinha de Valença (Violão)
• Track 10: Edu Lobo (Violão), Meirelles (Flauta), Dom Salvador (Piano), Chico Batera (Bateria) e Sergio (Baixo)
• Track 11: Rosinha de Valença (Violão, Cavaquinho), Jorge Arena (Berimbau, Tom-tom), Chico Batera (Cuíca, Bateria), Dom Salvador (Piano), Rubens Bassini (Pandeiro), Sergio (Baixo, Tamborim), Meirelles (Flauta, Tamborim)


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Dom Salvador Trio – Tristeza (1966)

8 07 2011

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Dom Salvador Trio – Tristeza (1966)

This is a classic, Dom Salvador Trio with its 1966 album Tristeza. Dom Salvador makes a nice job here switching between the Piano and Organ, Edison Machado is on Drums, very solid. punch, as always.

Tristeza brings some original songs and versions from renowned Bossa Nova artistis such as Joao Donato and Chico Buarque.


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