Made in Brasil – Tudo Joia (1984) with Breno Sauer

22 11 2011

Link original: Made in Brasil – Tudo Joia (1984) with Breno Sauer
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This is one of the most inquisitive contributions from Caetano Rodrigues so far. A band born in Chicago that makes a fusion of funky, jazz and samba as I never heard before. I know that Breno Sauer is part of this band, but he could not be responsible alone for the strengths of this band and specially this LP.

Meet Made in Brasil – Tudo Joia (1984), for Pausa (Italy), as said, an above the average jazz and samba fusion with nice vocal arrangements featuring Breno Sauer – Piano, Paulo Garcia – Bass & Vocals, Akio Sasajima – Guitar, Neusa Sauer – Lead Vocals, Ron Dewar – Tenor, Roberto Sanchez – Percussion and Phil Gratteau – Drums. If you look for samba jazz with vocals, this is the release for you. It is hard to believe that this group is from Chicago. Tracks include:

01 – Bebete
02 – Samba Do Avião
03 – Sai Dessa
04 – Arlequin Desconhecido
05 – Favela
06 – Fato Consumado


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