Zeca do Trombone & Roberto Sax – Zeca do Trombone & Roberto Sax (1976)

9 11 2011

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Hello! Good Night! There are many trombone players and trombone fans at Loronix and zecalouro has been learning together how to appreciate the art of trombone playing. We had amazing LPs in the last weeks from Raul de Barros and several ones with arrangements of Nelsinho.

Mr. G. provided this LP, considered a masterpiece, the legendary Zeca do Trombone & Roberto Sax – Zeca do Trombone & Roberto Sax (1976), for Pirata, Zeca do Trombone, not to be confused with zecalouro, is an experienced trombonist from Rio de Janeiro and Roberto Sax, according with Mr. G., is in fact Roberto Simonal, Wilson Simonal brother. Now to the Power of Now also says wonders about this record on his blog review as a five star album and he is not being exaggerated.

Personnel is Zeca (trombone), Roberto (sax), Macumbinha (guitar), Deuzette (piano), Ari Dias (drums), Lucio (bass) and Wilson (percussion). Tracks include:

01 – Na Cara Desse Cara (Luis Vagner)
02 – Coluna do Meio (Ando / J. Veloso)
03 – Na Passarela (Carlos da Fe)
04 – Nanar Contigo (Cassiano / Paulo Motoca)
05 – My Brother Zeca (Paulo Roberto do Espirito Santo) best album track
06 – Ta Legal (Moacir Goncalves Filho / Clovis Salvador)
07 – Nega Louca (Zeca / Murilao)
08 – Santa Inquisicao (Zeca / Jorge Feitosa)
09 – Ave Anne (Zeca / Adolfo Sampaio / Carlos Xavier)
10 – Tributo a Martin Luther King (Ronaldo Boscoli / Wilson Simonal) — Black is Beautiful (Marcos Valle / Paulo Sergio Valle) — What is Going On (Marvin Gaye)


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