Conjunto A Voz do Morro – Roda de Samba (1965)

20 05 2012

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Hello, Good Evening! I’m late and in a big rush today, another great sunny day in Rio de Janeiro. I made an attempt to go to the beach today, my first attempt after a decade or so. The results were… Well, I will tell you later, let’s be straightforward with the first post, a Samba post and a “classic” Samba album provided by the mysterious Samba contributor, featuring several Brazilian Samba Legends.

This is Conjunto A Voz do Morro – Roda de Samba (1965), for Musidisc. Such like “Os Cinco Crioulos” released last week, this is a fantastic Samba record that makes you think it was released earlier than its first issue, 1965. Conjunto A Voz do Samba recorded three albums before dismissing and this is the first. The formation varies on each album, but each one brings a constellation of Samba artists. There is a curious story about this first, although the legendary Ze Ketti was the leader of Conjunto A Voz do Morro, he did not took part in this set due his contractual obligations with Philips and his involvement with the launching of Show Opiniao with Nara Leao. Tracks include:

PersonnelZé Keti
Paulinho da Viola
Élton Medeiros
Jair do Cavaquinho
Anescar do Salgueiro
Ze da Cruz

Track List

01 – Pecadora (Joãozinho) – Jair do Cavaquinho
02 – Intriga (Anescar do Salgueiro) – Anescar do Salgueiro
03 – Mascarada (Zé Keti / Élton Medeiros) – Élton Medeiros
04 – Coração Vulgar (Paulinho da Viola) – Paulinho da Viola
05 – Conversa de Malandro (Paulinho da Viola) – Zé da Cruz
06 – Peço Licença (Zé Keti) – Paulinho da Viola
07 – Vai Saudade (Anescar do Salgueiro) – Anescar do Salgueiro
08 – Jurar Com Lágrimas (Paulinho da Viola) – Paulinho da Viola
09 – Maria (Zé Keti) – Jair do Cavaquinho
10 – Coração de Ouro (Élton Medeiros / Joacyr Santana) – Élton Medeiros
11 – Não Sou Feliz (Zé Keti) – Paulinho da Viola
12 – Injúria (Cartola / Élton Medeiros) – Élton Medeiros
13 – Sonho Triste (Jair do Cavaquinho) – Jair do Cavaquinho
14 – Meu Viver (Élton Medeiros / Jair do Cavaquinho / Kleber Santos) – Élton Medeiros


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