Cesar Camargo Mariano – Octeto Cesar Camargo Mariano (1967)

30 07 2011

Link original: Cesar Camargo Mariano – Octeto Cesar Camargo Mariano (1967)
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Cesar Camargo Mariano is worldly acclaimed as one of the best Brazilian arrangers, producers and pianists. Cesar has worked with several renowned artists worldwide on several important arenas of contemporary music.

In 1967, Cesar was member of the Bossa Nova Jazz Sambalanco Trio and then assembled Octeto Cesar Camargo Mariano, which was Sambalanco Trio plus five brass players.

This 1967 Cesar Camargo Mariano – Octeto de Cesar Camargo Mariano is considered a landmark in the fusion of Jazz and Bossa Nova in Brazil.


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