Conjunto Bossa Nova – Bossa e Bossa (1959)

28 03 2013

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When I spoke about the benefits of fixing all Loronix links a couple of weeks ago, some friends said that I was crazy, needing psychiatric help. This is a great opportunity to explore the old and forgotten past of Loronix, seeking out amazing music from the past, boldly going where no other parrot has gone before. Sorry about reference. Anyway, I found this album today, which is a truly amazing Caetano Rodrigues contribution. It is time to bring it back to the first page. Let’s see.

This is Conjunto Bossa Nova – Bossa é Bossa (1959), for Odeon, in the 7-inch format, the first Roberto Menescal record featuring from the left to right in the picture, Luiz Paulo Nogueira. Helcio Milito, Bebeto, Luiz Carlos Vinhas, Bill Horn and Roberto Menescal. Thanks once again, Caetano, this is a really hard to find album and should make the day of new and old friends of Loronix. Tracks include:


Roberto Menescal
Bill Horn
Luiz Carlos Vinhas
Bebeto Castilho
Helcio Milito
Luiz Paulo Nogueira

Track List

01 – Meditação (Tom Jobim / Newton Mendonça)
02 – Não Faz Assim (Oscar Castro Neves / Ronaldo Bôscoli)
03 – Minha Saudade (João Donato / João Gilberto)
04 – Céu E Mar (Johnny Alf)


Este compacto pode ser buscado no Parallel Realities.