Carmen Costa / Paulo Marquez – A Musica de Paulo Vanzolini (1974)

1 06 2013

Link original: Carmen Costa / Paulo Marquez – A Musica de Paulo Vanzolini (1974)
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Hello, good evening! Many thanks to every positive vibration sent at the comment section of my last “getting well” announcement. By the way, this post is so far one of the most commented at Loronix. This kind of support makes me feel great and brings the extra energy needed to develop Loronix according with my new health condition. Thanks a lot!

Anyway, this is a very old contribution made by our good friend Joao SP, an album recorded by one of the singers that I like most at the legendary label Marcus Pereira. I know it was made available before at the recommended Toque Musical, but it is so solid that I think it should be also listed at Loronix. And it has been a long time since we made an authentic Samba release. Let’s see.

This is Carmen Costa / Paulo Marquez – A Musica de Paulo Vanzolini (1974), for Marcus Pereira, featuring compositions by the one of the most important Samba composers from São Paulo state, Paulo Vanzolini. Carmen Costa shares the main performer role with Paulo Marquez, well-known by his excellent album recorded in 1959 with Billy Blanco compositions, featuring arrangements by Maestro Radames Gnattali. Personnel listing does not bring detailed information on musicians in the session, except by the participation of Maestro Portinho and Maestro Elcio Alvarez as arrangers with Regional do Jogral as the accompaniment group. Tracks include:

01 – Mulher Que Não Dá Samba (Paulo Vanzolini) with Paulo Marques / Carmen Costa
02 – Falta de Mim (Paulo Vanzolini) with Carmen Costa
03 – Inveja (Paulo Vanzolini) with Carmen Costa
04 – Ronda (Paulo Vanzolini) with Carmen Costa
05 – Samba Abstrato (Paulo Vanzolini) with Carmen Costa
06 – Sorrisos (Paulo Vanzolini) with Carmen Costa
07 – Teima Quem Quer (Paulo Vanzolini) with Carmen Costa / Paulo Marques
08 – Maria Que Ninguém Queria (Paulo Vanzolini) with Paulo Marques
09 – Menina o Que Foi o Baque (Paulo Vanzolini) with Paulo Marques
10 – Cara Limpa (Paulo Vanzolini) with Paulo Marques
11 – Mulher Toma Juízo (Paulo Vanzolini) with Paulo Marques
12 – Choro das Mulatas (Paulo Vanzolini) with Paulo Marques


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Carmen Costa – A Grande Dama da Musica Brasileira (1981)

12 03 2013

Link original: Carmen Costa – A Grande Dama da Musica Brasileira (1981)
Publicado em: Monday, March 24, 2008 by zecalouro

Carmen Costa - A Grande Dama Da Musica Brasileira

Carmen Costa - A Grande Dama Da Musica Brasileira-Back

Since yesterday’s last release, Wilson Simonal – A Nova Dimensao do Samba (1964), a new approach to transfer vinyl to digital format was adopted, nothing great, but just a better combination among the resources available. I believe we have major improvements, something was happening, the transfers were producing an over amplified output, generating distortion in some cases. Thanks to everyone who collaborated, so I could find the best option.

This album is kind of challenge, since it was found on a very bad shape, almost ready to be placed in the garbage. I believe the result is indeed surprising. I need your feedback on this one, please use the comment section to send thoughts, so I will no better if we got better. Additionally, this is a Carmen Costa career LP and they are very hard to find. Let’s see.

This is Carmen Costa – A Grande Dama da Musica Brasileira (1981), for Continental, a little session, with only 30 minutes running time and ten songs, but a really great album with Carmen Costa backed up by great musicians, including Octavio Burnier, Paulinho Braga, J.T. Meirelles, Ed Maciel, Jamil Joanes, Mauricio Einhorn, among many others. Tracks include:


Marcos Resende
Paulinho Braga
Jamil Joanes
Octavio Burnier
Ze Carlos
Peninha, Jorge Resende
J.T. Meirelles
Ed. Maciel
Mauricio Einhorn

Track List

01 – Sob Medida (Chico Buarque)
02 – Morena (Dalto)
03 – Boneca de Pano (Assis Valente)
04 – Vicio (Linda Rodrigues / Jose Braga)
05 – O Mundo e um Moinho (Cartola)
06 – Valsa do Bordel (Toquinho / Vinicius de Moraes)
07 – Janete (Faffy / Sarah Benchimol)
08 – Marilia de Dirceu (Octavio Burnier / Aldir Blanc)
09 – Eu e Que Nao Presto (Lupiscinio Rodrigues / Felisberto Martins)
10 – Dama do Cabare (Noel Rosa)


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Carmen Costa – Trinta Anos Depois (1973)

13 03 2012

Link original: Carmen Costa – Trinta Anos Depois (1973)
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This is Loronix tribute to Carmen Costa, Brazilian singer. Carmen Costa passed away this Wednesday at the age of 86 in Rio de Janeiro, she was one of the greatest artists from Radio Nacional cast, “A Era do Radio” and among many other accomplishments, Carmen Costa was present at the legendary first US Bossa Nova concert at Carnegie Hall, 1962.

In respect of this great artist, I’m making available her 1973 album for RCA, Trinta Anos Depois, with Carmen Costa making new interpretations of her old repertoire. Track list will be included with the music this time.



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