Varios Artistas – “Velha” Bossa Nova (1978)

16 09 2013

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Hello, good evening! In the year of 1978, RCA released a tribute album in honor of Bossa Nova 20th year’s anniversary, “Velha” Bossa Nova, featuring musicians from RCA cast or from the record labels later acquired or merged by or with RCA. This is the short intro of one of the best compilations I have heard in decades. Believe me? Let’s see.

This is “Velha” Bossa Nova (1978), for RCA Candem, from now, the album to use as the perfect introduction for those who want to know Bossa Nova on a single spin. I made some scans with relevant information about each track, including performer and year of recording. This album should guarantee a solid listing across this weekend. Tracks include:







Este disco pode ser buscado no Martoni.

Varios Artistas – Vitrine Odeon (no date)

23 08 2013

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vitrine Odeon

I received an email from the owner of one of the coolest blogs I know, Toque Musical, which is now up and running on a new website, very similar to the previous one, but I recommend that you follow this link to make sure you will reach the right website, here: If you like Brazilian music and LPs, Toque Musical is mandatory.

TM (is that your name?) also said he made a long time ago Vitrine Odeon, and kindly sent to Loronix the scan of the original cover. Thanks TM for your great sharing spirit.

Good, the pieces are getting together, and now we need only Clovis Pereira – Ritmos Aluciantes and Elizeth Cardoso – Cancao de Amor audios. I want to thank TM for this update and also remind you again to reach his website at

Hello, good evening! Everything went wrong today and this is the reason why three covers are available. Perhaps it is the anticipated effect of the move, scheduled for Tuesday, next week, or perhaps just a coincidence. I had an amazing plan. I started with Elizeth Cardoso – Cancao de Amor (1957), a compilation released by Todamerica featuring Elizeth Cardoso phonograms taken from old 78rpm records. I heard it from the start until the end and liked a lot; the repertoire is awesome and features several Brazilian popular music standards.

Unfortunately, the output I got when transferring was really bad, several scratches and a strange background noise. I had to decline. If someone has this album and sharing spirit, please write me using the comment section or my email.

Recovered from Elizeth Cardoso’s trauma, all my attention was turned to another target, a sough after album by Loronix community and LP collectors worldwide, which is Clovis Pereira Ritmos Alucinantes (1957), for the obscure label Repertorio. This is album brings the first Hermeto Pascoal recording as an instrumentalist.

However, I had another problem, the record inside was not Clovis Pereira, but a compilation released by Odeon featuring Aloysio de Oliveira telling the story of high fidelity on side B and various artists on side A. Almost losing my forces, I decided to make it and tell you this long story. Let’s see.

This is Varios Artistas – Vitrine Odeon (no date), for Odeon, featuring Aloysio de Olivera e O Bando da Lua, Maestro Leo Peracchi, Fon-Fon e Sua Orquestra, Mario Reis, Francisco Alves, Steve Bernard e Seu Conjunto and the first track I had the chance to hear with Conjunto Brasil Sonoro, featuring Altamiro Carrilho (flute), Carlos Matos (violao), Chaim Lewak (piano), Agostinho Silva (organ), Norato (trombone), Chiquinho do Acordeom (acordion), Hans (oboe), Jayme Araujo (alto sax), Formiga (piston) e Netinho (clarinet), a constellation of Brazilian musicians.

Não tinha esse disco. Porém, graças aos amigos Andreas e Martoni, ele pode ser buscado na RF&E.


No Mundo do Samba (1955)

20 06 2013

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Hello, good evening! I said yesterday that I would be breaking today the series of posts from the 1970’s decade with something very old. I’m paying my bill with the oldest album I could find here, from 1955. I love the records made by Musidisc in the 1950’s. The artwork is ahead of that time and was probably made by a single person since the style is unique and very easy to identify.

Who is this artist? This is something we can ask to Jorge Mello, just visiting his new website, featuring his writing and Brazilian music vintage pictures never seen before. You can reach the new Jorge Mello’s website at Let’s see.

This is No Mundo do Samba | Volume 1 (1955), for Musidisc, a compilation of Samba tunes performed by artists from Musidisc cast, featuring Leo Peracchi, Trio Surdina, Britinho, Djalma Ferreira, Roberto Luna and an artist that I never heard before, Rud Wharton, which is probably a well-known musician recording by Musidisc under a nickname. Tracks include:

01 – Gafieira (Djalma Ferreira) Djalma Ferreira
02 – Você É Tormento (Nilo Sergio / Garoto) Leo Peracchi e Orquestra
03 – Vingança (Lupicínio Rodrigues) Trio Surdina
04 – Dora (Dorival Caymmi) Rud Wharton
05 – No Tabuleiro da Baiana (Ary Barroso) Léo Peracchi e Orquestra
06 – Lilian Britinho
07 – Está Desfeito (Manezinho Araújo / David Raw / Aldacir Louro) Roberto Luna
08 – Dia de Sol (João Leal Brito ”Britinho”) – Casinha da Colina (Adpt. João Leal Brito ”Britinho”) Nova Ilusão (José Menezes / Luis Bittencourt) Britinho


Este disco pode ser buscado no Martoni.

Varios Artistas – Os Cobras (1960)

27 05 2013

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Os Cobras, Chaim Lewak, Moacyr Silva, Waltel Branco, Ed Maciel, Paulinho & Julinho Barbosa - Os Cobras

Hello, good evening! Here we go on the second album provided by the mysterious member of Ignacio’s dynasty, Jose Ignacio Jr. kindly referred as JIN at his close circle of friends in Rio. I’m glad the fire at his grandfather apartment did not burn this album, featuring a constellation of Brazilian musicians. Actually, I did not know this record existence, and it is important to make clear there is another Os Cobras albums in the same concept, released by RCA Victor in 1964, Os Cobras – O LP. Thanks JIN for this solid addition to Loronix. Let’s see.

This is Moacyr Silva, Chaim Lewak, Julinho Barbosa, Waltel Branco, Edmundo Maciel e Paulinho Baterista – Os Cobras (1960), for Copacabana, presented here as a 1970 Beverly reissue, which is Copacabana subsidiary. This album is self explanatory, it impossible to ignore a record featuring such great artists, especially Moacyr Silva, not listed at Loronix first page since the beginning of 2008. Tracks include:


Moacyr Silva
(tenor sax)
Paulinho Baterista
Waltel Branco
Chaim Lewak
Edmundo Maciel
Julinho Barbosa

Track List

01 – Cheiro de Saudade (Djalma Ferreira / Luis Antônio) with Moacyr Silva
02 – Love Or Leave Me (W. Donaldson / G. Khan) with Chaim Lewak
03 – Do Jeito Que a Gente Quer (Ed Lincoln) with Waltel Branco
04 – Doce Melancolia (Julio Barbosa) with Julinho Barbosa
05 – Misty (E. Garner / J. Burke) with Maciel
06 – Menina Feia (Oscar Castro Neves / Luvercy Fiorini) with Chaim Lewak
07 – É Bom Assim (Ed Maciel) with Maciel
08 – Athena (H. Martin / R. Blane) with Moacyr Silva
09 – A Flor do Amor (Waltel Branco / Joluz) with Waltel Branco
10 – Don’cha Go Way Mad (J. Mundy / Al Stilman) with Julinho Barbosa
11 – Bateria Maluca (Orlando Costa ”Maestro Cipó”) with Paulinho Baterista


Este disco pode ser buscado no Parallel Realities.

Varios Artistas – Elenco Premiere (1963)

26 05 2013

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Vários Artistas - Elenco Première

Hello, good morning! My sleeping strategy is completely destabilized this week. I’m working on something that requires an above the average dedication and thinking and as the last activity of my agenda, I’m completely exhausted at Loronix time. Some kind of tractor ray drags me to bed every night. I will try to use a slot during the day to update Loronix and get in touch with the community. Stay tuned, new posts can appear on not usual times this week.

This is the post I’ve been trying to accomplish since Sunday, a response to an increasing demand for authentic Bossa Nova music from the 60’s. Elenco Premiere is the 6th album released by Aloysio de Oliveira legendary Elenco Label as ME-6, a wonderful compilation with tracks taken from the first five Elenco albums, released as ME-1 until ME-5. Let’s see.

This is Elenco Premiere (1963), for Elenco, featuring tracks from the first five Elenco records, Odette Lara & Vinicius de Moraes – Vinicius & Odette Lara (1963) as ME-1, Lucio Alves – Balancamba (1963) as ME-2, Roberto Menescal – A Bossa Nova de Roberto Menescal e Seu Conjunto (1963), as ME-3, Baden Powell – Baden Powell Swings with Jimmy Pratt (1963), as ME-4 and Sylvia Telles – Bossa, Balanco, Balada (1963), as ME-5. Elenco Premier is ME-6, the last 1963 release. These albums covers are amazing and were designed by Cesar Villela, and they have something in common. Who can tell me what it is? Tracks include:

Vinícius De Moraes & Odette Lara - Vinicius & Odette Lara

01 – Deixa
05 – Só Por Amor
08 – Berimbau
11 – Hoje Só

Lúcio Alves - Balançamba

03 – Dan-cha-cha
07 – Balançamba

Roberto Menescal - A Bossa Nova De Roberto Menescal E Seu Conjunto

06 – Garota de Ipanema
12 – Desafinado

Baden Powell - Baden Powell Swings with Jimmy Pratt

04 – Menequim 46
10 – Deve Ser Amor

Sylvia Telles - Bossa, Balanço, Balada

02 – Sol da Meia-noite
09 – Rio

Como não está disponível em nenhum local, estamos disponibilizando provisoriamente na forma de um magnet link. OBS: não se esqueça de deixar semeando  depois que você terminar de baixar (uma boa razão seria pelo menos 2 vezes o tamanho dos arquivos que você baixar!)

26 Chega de Saudade Renditions by Martoni

30 04 2013

Link original: 26 Chega de Saudade Renditions by Martoni
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Chega de Saudade - Compilação 50 Anos da Bossa Nova 02

Exactly 50 years ago, precisely at 10 July 1958, Joao Gilberto started the studio session to record the landmark Bossa Nova album Chega de Saudade. This image was created with 26 albums covers with something in common, which one has a different rendition of Chega de Saudade. This is a really nice compilation assembled by Martoni on his homage to Bossa Nova 50th Anniversary, available on his website, following this link.

Chega de Saudade by Martoni, here.

Hope uEnjoy!

Varios Artistas – Introducao (1965)

29 03 2013

Link original: Varios Artistas – Introducao (1965)
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Hello, good evening! There is a curiosity behind this post and this album, I will tell you. This is a contribution made in December 2006 by our great friend Caetano Rodrigues and at that time, I could not understand what was behind this album, except the concept of presenting new artists, which is quite clear through the title, Introducao. However, I did not understand the reason of the phrase “Teenager Series” in the lower right.

We received this week the visit of Juliana Mingotti, who said to be looking for this album for a couple of years. Juliana is the daughter of Wagner Mingotti, author of the first track and pianist of Wan Trio, participating also at the second track as bassist. Wan Trio is the best this album has to offer, recorded by Wagner Mingotti when he was sixteen and probably, all others are below eighteen.

In a quick search, I could realize that Silvinha was the participant that could develop a solid career and according with Juliana, Wagner Mingotti decided to terminate his artistic career after recording this album, which is again available for everyone to know the work of Wagner and all artists at this session. I am keeping the original text, with some modifications. Let’s see.

This is Introducao (1965), for Mocambo, a unique opportunity to listen for the fist time several artists that we never heard before, such as: Wan Trio – Bossa Jazz, Patricia – Singer, Impulso 4 – Bossa Jazz (this one everybody knows), Tony Carbonell – Instrumental, Quinteto Berimbossa – Bossa Jazz, Joao Paulo – Singer, Silvinha – Singer, Octons – Instrumental and Ezequiel – Singer. Most of these artists were probably not successful on their careers and this is what makes this LP a very interesting piece. Tracks include:

01 – Selvagem (Wagner Mingotti) – Wan Trio
02 – Onde Está Você (Oscar Castro Neves) – Patrícia
03 – Morte de Um Deus de Sal (Roberto Menescal / Ronaldo Bôscoli) – Impulso 4
04 – Desarmonia (Tony Carbonell) – Tony Carbonell
05 – Blues Walk (C. Brown) – Quinteto Berimbossa
06 – História de Duas Crianças (Tony Carbonell / Hernesto Domingues) – João Paulo
07 – Maria Moita (Carlos Lyra) – Silvinha
08 – Tokio’s Blue (H. Silver) – Octons
09 – Paz e Amor (Ezequiel Silva / João Magalhães) – Ezequiel
10 – A Felicidade (Tom Jobim / Vinicius de Moraes) – Quinteto Berimbossa


Não tinha esse disco. Porém, graças aos amigos Martoni e Andreas ele pode ser buscado aqui.