Walter Franco – Vela Aberta (1980)

16 12 2012

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Walter Franco - Vela Aberta (1980)

Walter Franco - Vela Aberta (1980)-BACK

Hello, good evening! I spent a great afternoon today with the very good friends of Jobimaniacos, which is a very active community of Maestro Antonio Carlos Jobim fans at Orkut, the most popular social network website in Brazil. They were celebrating the end of 2007 and I was invited to participate. We spoke about several things and I received several requests that I will try to address in the forthcoming days.

Anyway, I would like to start with this one, requested by the great Irinea, wife of Luiz Moreno, drummer of the Brazilian progressive band O Terco. Irinea was looking for a Walter Franco album that has O Terco as accompaniment group. I thought it was this one and I’m still in doubt about it since Vela Aberta brings Sergio Hinds, O Terco guitarist. Forgive me Irinea if I’m wrong, but this album is really worth checking and Walter Franco is also an awaited artist that never had an album made available at Loronix. Let’s see.

This is Walter Franco – Vela Aberta (1980), for Epic/Columbia, the forth album of this unique singer, composer and musician that always makes challenging records, blending different styles and bringing several different influences. Vela Aberta is not an exception, it is an album that you will need several spins until you get used to it. Let’s use comments section to feedback the first Walter Franco release at Loronix. Tracks include:


Sergio Hinds, Elias Almeida
Bira da Silva, Luiz Guilherme Rabello
Pedro Ivo Lunardi
Luiz Guilherme Rabello
Eduardo Assad
(keyboards, arrangements)
Arlindo Bonadio, Severino Gomes da Silva
Felpudo, Settimo Paioletti

Track List

01 – Vela Aberta (Walter Franco / Cid Franco)
02 – O Dia do Criador (Walter Franco)
03 – Canalha (Walter Franco)
04 – Corpo Luminoso (Walter Franco / Regis Bonvicino)
05 – Divindade (Walter Franco)
06 – Tire os Pés do Chão (Walter Franco)
07 – Como Tem Passado (Walter Franco)
08 – Feito Gente (Walter Franco)
09 – Me Deixe Mudo (Walter Franco)
10 – Bicho de Pelúcia (Walter Franco / Sergio Pinto de Almeida)
11 – O Blues É Azul (Walter Franco)


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