Al Newman e Seu Conjunto – Club dos 7 (1963)

15 04 2013

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Club dos 7

Hello, good evening! It has been a while since only one daily album is being released at Loronix. This is not something planned in advance, but the result of the busy working days I’m facing over these days. I think our community is pleased with this new modus operandi. I have not received any negative feedback, and some friends wrote back saying that is better and easier to track Loronix daily.

However, there are important editorial issues to be resolved. One of those issues is the absence of some styles, especially the albums made for dancing, commonly known as “Para Dancar”. This post is to address wants and needs of “Para Dancar” admires and brings several characteristics of a “Para Dancar” album. Let’s see.

This is Al Newman e Seu Conjunto – Club dos 7 (1962), for SOM, which is a subsidiary of the legendary Copacabana label. You may have noticed, but that cover is made of fabric, the first in the style at Loronix, and as I said earlier, Club dos 7 is an authentic “Para Dancar” album, featuring the obscure Al Newman, probably a well-known musician acting with a fancy name. Al Newman and his Conjunto deliver a mixture of Brazilian and foreign songs, including and other “Para Dancar” rhythms, such like Merengue, Bolero, Calypso-Rock (?), Twist and Cha-Cha-Cha. I could not identify which instrument plays Al Newman and even who exactly is Al Newman, Mysteries that make the Club dos 7 a classical “Para Dancar” album. Tracks include:

01 – Ôba (Oswaldo Nunes)
02 – O Engraxate (Luis Antônio)
03 – Mi Amor (Mariah Brito / Mário Barcelos)
04 – Deixa Andar (Jujuba)
05 – Eu Já Fiz Tudo (Romeo Nunes / Almeida Serra)
06 – Ninguém Gostou Tanto de Alguém Como Eu Gosto de Ti (Waldir Machado)
07 – Crying (Roy Orbison / J. Melson)
08 – Runaround Sue (E. Maresca / Di Mucci)
09 – The Pepermint Twist (J. Dee / H. Glover)
10 – Las Secretarias (Pepe Luis)
11 – Quem Eu Quero Não Me Quer (Raul Sampaio / Ivo Santos)
12 – Fica Comigo Esta Noite (Adelino Moreira / Nelson Gonçalves)


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