Trio Surdina com Pierre Kolmann ao Piano – Boleros em HI-FI (1958)

18 02 2013

Link original: Trio Surdina com Pierre Kolmann ao Piano – Boleros em HI-FI (1958)
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Trio Surdina com Pierre Kolmann ao Piano - Boleros em HI-FI (1958)

I have been very busy during the past two months, on a manner that you cannot realize how. This is the reason why Loronix is delivering two daily releases, instead of 3 or even 4 as we made across 2007. Actually, I am enjoying this new configuration; it allows everyone to make a better follow-up of Loronix daily activities.

However, Brazilian music is very rich on styles and this is a problem from my editorial perspective. I need answer for a question, which is, how to distribute all these different styles across the week to address wants and needs of everybody? Anyway, I think the answer to this question will appear very soon, meanwhile, we will visit after a long hiatus the “Para Dancar” style, featuring a legendary group that deserves everybody attention, the legendary Trio Surdina. Let’s see.

This is Trio Surdina com Pierre Kolmann ao Piano – Boleros em HI-FI (1958), for Musidisc, featuring not credited musicians using the name of Trio Surdina, owned by Nilo Sergio, which is the owned of the record label Musidisc. Trio Surdina original formation with Fafa Lemos (violin), Garoto (violao) and Chiquinho do Acordeon (accordion) recorded only a few initial albums. In the other hand, Pierre Kolmann is the nickname of a well-known artist at Loronix, Leal Brito, or Britinho, probably using Pierre Kolmann due contracts obligations with other record company or only as a marketing strategy of Nilo Sergio. Tracks include:

01 – Frenesi (A. Dominguez)
02 – Esperame En El Cielo (F. Lopez)
03 – Soñando Contigo (Anísio Silva / Fausto Guimarães)
04 – Besame Mucho (Consuelo Velasquez)
05 – Hasta Cuando (João Leal Brito ”Britinho”)
06 – Que Murmuren (R. Fuentes / R. Carde)
07 – Mi Oración (Boulanger / Kennedy)
08 – Amor Mio (Álvaro Carrillo)
09 – Angustia (Orlando Brito)
10 – Dos Almas (Don Fabian)
11 – Canción de Amor Cubano (H. Stothard / J. McHugh / D. Fields)
12 – Desesperadamente (Gabriel Ruiz / L. Mendez)


Este disco pode ser buscado no Trackfinder Brazil. Fica a dúvida (ver comentários): Pierre Kolmann é um pseudônimo do Leal Brito ou do Waldir Calmon?