Noriel Vilela – Eis o Ome (1968)

29 08 2011

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Publicado em: Saturday, September 16, 2006 by zecalouro

Refer, one of the powerful Loronix friends, sent me an email a couple of weeks ago with a very useful clarification about Samba Rock. “Samba Rock is not a musical genre, it is only a way of dancing any kind of music with swing (Balanco). period.

On top of this, Refer gave me a very useful link for anyone who might be interested on understanding a little bit more about Samba Rock, the website of Clube do Balanco at There is an English version that you should try. Take a look at the video section and watch a Samba Rock documentary and a nice dancing tutorial.

This is the only record released by one of the Brazilian Samba Rock legends, Noriel Vilela – Eis o Ome (1968). Noriel was member of the Samba vocal group Cantores de Ebano. After releasing this record, Noriel has passed, for reasons that zecalouro could not check. This is a cool LP that zecalouro bets that any Loronixer will have a guaranteed entertainment. Tracks include:

01 – Promessado (Carlos Pedro)
02 – Saravando Xangô (Avarese / Edenal Rodrigues)
03 – Só o Ôme (Edenal Rodrigues)
04 – Meu Caboclo Não Deixa (Avarese / Edenal Rodrigues)
05 – Pra Iemanjá Levar (Delcio Carvalho)
06 – Samba das Águas (Josan de Mattos)
07 – Eu Tá Vendo no Copo (Avarese / Edenal Rodrigues)
08 – Acredito Sim (Avarese / Edenal Rodrigues)
09 – Peço Licença (Avarese)
10 – Cacundê Cacundá (José de Souza / Orlando)
11 – Acocha Malungo (Sydney Martins)
12 – Saudosa Bahia (Noriel Vilela / Sydney Martins)


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