Brasilian Singers – Brasilian Singers (1974)

30 09 2011

Link original: Brasilian Singers – Brasilian Singers (1974)
Publicado em: Wednesday, November 08, 2006 by zecalouro

This is an amazing post provided by a couple of very good friends of Loronix and also five out of five stars blog owners, Now to the Power of Now from N.America Loves S.America and Trix from TrixVinylRips. zecalouro is just doing the easy work, Now and Trix have all credits.

I will take from N.America Loves S.America the entire record description provided by Now, since I could not make it better. Mighty Now took four months to get this cover. Let’s stay with Now words.

“All due respect to trixvinylrips for this SUPER AMAZING POST. 

Trix has told me of the true content of this record & its importance. He tells me that it is a super rare meeting of some very fine talents fused to the SAMBA REVIVAL. The Golden Boys,Trio Esperança & Evinha are some the artists involved here. This record is so alive and overflowing with energy! If pure Samba is your thing, then this record is for YOU. Worth having for the super sweet “Camisa 10” alone, which I’m told is the number of the very famous football star PELE. Every track is a winner on this one. This is the second time I get to hear the super funky “Dingui Li Bangue”, with it’s chorus chanting “Like a SEX MACHINE”. Very strong album of Samba workouts! I would safely say a “Carnival Bomb” hit this one!! THE PARTY IS HERE. ALL ABOARD! 5 stars! Thanks Trix for this rip & any of those sharing their rare LP’s with us. YOU ARE the record company & much respect for keeping the spirit of this music alive! Crate Diggers RULE!

P.S. It took me 4 months to track down the proper LP artwork for this one. Cheers!”


Não tinha este disco. Graças à colaboração do Andreas e do Fulano Sicrano, ele hoje está disponível no Um que Tenha.