Maria Lucia Godoy – Maria Lucia Godoy Canta Poemas de Manuel Bandeira (1968)

13 08 2012

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Since the Brazilian classical singer Maria Lucia Godoy was introduced to Loronixers with O Canto da Amazonia, a tribute to Amazon Rainforest recorded in 1969, I have been receiving emails and comments requesting more music from Maria Lucia Godoy. I thought it would not be easy to find another album, but lucky has been on my side, for the happiness of our community.

This is Maria Lucia Godoy – Maria Lucia Godoy Canta Poemas de Manuel Bandeira (1968), for MIS, a tribute to Manuel Bandeira (* 1886 + 1968), a renowned writer, considered by many as the best Brazilian poet of the last century. Manuel Bandeira released more than 20 books of poetry, translated to several languages.

Maria Lucia Godoy is backed Murillo Santos at the piano and was once again in charge of repertoire selection, featuring Manuel Bandeira poems with music by Heitor Villa Lobos, Jaime Ovalle, Francisco Mignone, Gianfrancesco Guarnieri, Lorenzo Fernandes, Jose Siqueira and Edino Krieger. She did it again, this is a very beautiful album that has something very important in common with O Canto da Amazonia; both are all about Brazil, from the start until the end.


Tracks include:

01 – Dança do Martelo (Manuel Bandeira / Villa-Lobos)
02 – Modinha (Manuel Bandeira / Villa-Lobos)
03 – O Anjo da Guarda (Manuel Bandeira / Villa-Lobos)
04 – Azulão (Manuel Bandeira / Jaime Ovalle)
05 – Modinha (Manuel Bandeira / Jaime Ovalle)
06 – Dona Janaina (Manuel Bandeira / Francisco Mignone)
07 – Pousa a Mão na Minha Testa (Manuel Bandeira / Francisco Mignone)
08 – O Menino Dorme (Manuel Bandeira / Francisco Mignone)
09 – Impossível Carinho (Manuel Bandeira / Gianfrancesco Guarnieri)
10 – Canção do Mar (Manuel Bandeira / Lorenzo Fernandez)
11 – Madrigal (Manuel Bandeira / José Siqueira)
12 – Desafio (Manuel Bandeira / Edino Krieger)

Esse disco pode ser buscado na Rádio Forma e Elenco do Martoni. OBS: como bem notado nos comentários, a música 09 é do compositor Camargo Guarnieri e não do ator, dramaturgo e poeta Gianfrancesco Guarnieri.