Joao Parayba – Kyzumba (1994) | first solo album by Trio Mocoto leader

1 05 2012

Link original: Joao Parayba – Kyzumba (1994) | first solo album by Trio Mocoto leader
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This is a great, Janja Gomes, son of Joao Parahyba (Brazilian musician, percussionist, arranger, composer and leader of the legendary Trio Mocoto), announces that Joao Parahyba first solo album is available on his website. Worth checking out, Janja wrote a nice post with detailed information about Kyzumba, recorded in two years between 1993 and 1994.

Janja says it is to celebrate Joao Parayba birthday and everything about Joao Parahyba – Kyzumba (1994), at Bula na Cumbuca, just follow the link bellow.

Hope uEnjoy!

O link direto para o post do disco é este aqui.