Eumir Deodato & Lindolpho Gaya – Love, Strings and Jobim | The Eloquence of Antonio Carlos Jobim (1966)

11 05 2013

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Tom Jobim, Eumir Deodato & Lindolpho Gaya - Apresenta (Love, Strings and Jobim)

Hello, good morning! I will be out of home tonight, that’s why I’m making this extraordinary post this morning. By the way, a extraordinary post of a unusual album recorded in 1966 by Elenco with the original title as “Antonio Carlos Jobim Apresenta” and reissued in 1975 as “Love, Strings and Jobim | The Eloquence of Antonio Carlos Jobim”, a lust and cheat title with Antonio Carlos Jobim holding his violao at the beach. I said cheat title? Sure! Let’s know why!

This is Eumir Deodato & Lindolpho Gaya – Love, Strings and Jobim | The Eloquence of Antonio Carlos Jobim (1966), for Elenco, featuring a constellation of Brazilian musicians with a single and important exception, which is Antonio Carlos Jobim that did not take part of this recording session. I’ve been wondering how many friends took this album as Antonio Carlos Jobim career record across four decades. Aloysio de Oliveira and Ray Gilbert’s idea was to introduce new artists to the American audience through Antonio Carlos Jobim popularity in US. Maestro Lindolpho Gaya and Eumir Deodato were invited to write the arrangements and to be credited as main performers, which is something that never happened. I’m crediting both as main performers at this post; at least Loronix makes it as originally conceived.
Tom Jobim, Eumir Deodato & Lindolpho Gaya - Apresenta (Love, Strings and Jobim)Back

Additionally, the back cover features pictures of the composers, not the musicians. Tracks include:

Last info: the whole story by Arnaldo de Souteiros from The Music Discographies at, here.


Eumir Deodato
(piano, arrangements on tracks 06, 10, 11)
Lindolpho Gaya
Sergio Barroso
Edison Machado
Oscar Castro Neves
Mauricio Einhorn
Jorge Ferreira da Silva
(sax, flute)

Track List

01 – Berimbau (Baden Powell / Vinicius de Moraes)
02 – Razão de Viver (Tears) (Eumir Deodato / Paulo Sergio Valle)
03 – Você (You) (Roberto Menescal / Ronaldo Bôscoli)
04 – Seu Encanto (The Face I Love) (Marcos Valle / Paulo Sergio Valle)
05 – Samba Torto (Pardon My English) (Tom Jobim / Aloysio de Oliveira)
06 – Imagem (Image) (Luis Eça / Aloysio de Oliveira)
07 – Chuva (Rain) (Durval Ferreira / Camargo)
08 – Preciso de Você (Hurry Up And Love) (Aloysio de Oliveira / Tom Jobim)
09 – Morte de Um Deus de Sal (Neptune’s Heptune) (Roberto Menescal / Ronaldo Bôscoli)
10 – Morrer de Amor (I Live To Love You) (Luvercy Fiorini / Oscar Castro Neves / Vrs. Gilbert)
11 – Tristeza de Nós Dois (The Sight Of You) (Durval Ferreira / Maurício Einhorn / Bebeto / Vrs. Gilbert)
12 – Preciso Aprender a Ser Só (If You Went Away) (Marcos Valle / Paulo Sergio Valle / Vrs. Gilbert)


Este disco pode ser buscado no Forgotten Masterpieces. O link está debaixo da palavra tracklist. A capa da edição brasileira segue abaixo:

Tom Jobim Apresenta

Eumir Deodato – Skyscrapers (1973)

24 12 2012

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Eumir Deodato - SkyScrapers (1973)-FRONT

Eumir Deodato - SkyScrapers (1973)-BACK

This album will cross Christmas celebration until the next Loronix update in December 26th and I have to admit it was a very difficult choice among several picks I had available. I think were will be in really good company with this classic Eumir Deodato album that is unexplainably out of print. Skycrapers was released just after Prelude and Eumir Deodato big hit Also Sprach Zarathustra and this is what makes this album really amazing. Let’s see.

This is Eumir Deodato – Skyscrapers (1973), first issue by CTI and released as Os Catedraticos 73 for Equipe in Brazil. Eumir Deodato came to Brazil to record this album in July 1972, and I think this decision was important to bring to this session the original Os Catedraticos members, which includes Durval Ferreira, Sergio Barroso and others. Eumir Deodato did it and could also bring several other great musicians, including Helcio Milito and Bebeto from Tamba Trio, Orlandivo, Ze Menezes and Mamao from Azimuth. This is one of the Eumir Deodato LPs that I like most and I hope you have a lot of fun with Skyscrapers as I did today. I also wish a very nice Christmas to everybody. Tracks include:


Eumir Deodato
(piano, organ, arrangements, conduction)
Ivan Conti “Mamao”
Sergio Barroso
Durval Ferreira, Ze Menezes
Helcio Milito, Orlandivo
Marvin Stamm, John Frosk
(piston, flugelhorn)
Wayne Andre
Phil Bodner
(tenor sax, flute)
Romeo Penque

Track List

01 – Skyscropers (Eumir Deodato)
02 – Flap (Marcos Valle / Paulo Sergio Valle)
03 – Rudy’s (Eumir Deodato)
04 – Soccer Game (Pacífico Mascarenhas)
05 – Atire a Primeira Pedra (Ataulfo Alves / Mário Lago)
06 – The White Puma (Marcos Valle / Paulo Sergio Valle)
07 – The Byrd (Eumir Deodato)
08 – The Gap (Eumir Deodato)
09 – Down The Hill (Eumir Deodato)
10 – Boy Meets Girl (Eumir Deodato)
11 – Carly & Carole (Eumir Deodato)


Esse disco pode ser buscado no Flabbergasted Vibes e no Um que Tenha. A versão que lá está é a brasileira, cuja capa vai abaixo.

Eumir Deodato - Os Catedráticos

Eumir Deodato – Knights of Fantasy (1979)

22 05 2012

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After the last Eumir Deodato release at Loronix I received several requests for this album, which is probably one of the most unknown Eumir Deodato record. I was lucky to take it from an old vinyl shop for a bargain, as you can see at the post opening picture, the cover has a big hole in the left, but the vinyl was perfect, resulting on very nice digital files. Let’s see how Loronixers have to say about this obscure Eumir Deodato album.

This is Eumir Deodato – Knights of Fantasy (1979), for WEA. Eumir Deodato delivers a melt of Jazz-fusion, disco and funk music with nice instrumental performances based on Deodato’s compositions and a rendition of Jesus Joy’s of Man’s Desiring from Johann Sebastian Bach. The album has some killer guitar solos and groovy bass lines with highlight to the track that gives the album name, Knights of Fantasy. Tracks include:

01 – Space Dust (Eumir Deodato) Sherlock (Eumir Deodato)
02 – Shazam (Eumir Deodato)
03 – Jesu Joy Of Man’s Desiring (Johann Sebastian Bach) Love Is Blue (P. Cour / André Popp) Whistle Bump (Eumir Deodato)
04 – Knights Of Fantasy (Eumir Deodato)
05 – Lovely Lady (Eumir Deodato)


Esse disco pode ser buscado no Um que Tenha.

Eumir Deodato – Deodato / Airto | In Concert (1973)

10 05 2012

Link original: Eumir Deodato – Deodato / Airto | In Concert (1973)
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There are some interesting facts behind this album, I don’t know if it is true or rumors, but they are very interest for sure. Deodato / Airto In Concert was recorded live in in the Felt Forum of New York City’s Madison Square Garden, just before Deodato blockbuster Also Sprach Zarathurstra.

The first issue was release in 1973, with no agreement or authorization by Eumir Deodato, which had already left CTI to MCA Records by that time. Airto Moreira played before Deodato and also without knowing had two tracks of his performance included at this first issue. I will tell more about it.

This is Eumir Deodato – Deodato / Airto | In Concert (1973), for CTI. This is the second issue, released at the CD era with more confusion in the front. Although credited as main performer, Airto Moreira lost his two tracks, being replaced by some others performed by Eumir Deodato at that same concert that were never released on any other album before. The two Airto Moreira missing tracks were moved to another album, The Best of Airto. I never saw such confusion on a record before. We are making the CD issue, so we will need to take it as an Eumir Deodato album, although CTI kept Airto Moreira name on main title. If someone can send us the original LP with the two Airto Moreira missing tracks we update this post. Tracks include:

PersonnelRick Marotta
Joseph J. Shepley
John Giulino
Joe Shepley
Eumir Deodato
Rubens Bassini
Garnett Brown
Burt Collins
Gilmore Degap
John Tropea
Joe Temperley
(sax baritone)

Track List

01 – Do It Again
02 – September 13
03 – Baubles, Bangles and Beads
04 – Whirlwinds
05 – Spirit of Summer
06 – Slyscrapers
07 – Also Sprach Zarathurstra


Este disco pode ser buscado no Um que Tenha. Me parece que a versão do Um que Tenha (que é a que também tenho) é a do LP original, com as duas músicas em que Airto Moreira toca, que são “Parana” e “Branches”.

Eumir Deodato – Inutil Paisagem (1964)

26 02 2012

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Several Loronix friends were today at the first Eumir Deodato concert in Sao Paulo after a hiatus of twenty years with no live concerts in Brazil. Unfortunately, I spent a lot of time listening and having fun with Grupo Manifesto and probably everybody is now sleeping home dreaming with the great night they had. Anyway, hope they get surprised tomorrow morning and all Loronix friends have a nice time with this early Eumir Deodato album.

This is Eumir Deodato – Inutil Paisagem (1964), for Forma, a tribute to Antonio Carlos Jobim with Eumir Deodato as arranger, director and pianist with production and artistic direction of Roberto Quartin. Don’t miss the liner notes included with the music, written by Antonio Carlos Jobim, amazed with Eumir Deodato and his talent to write orchestra arrangements with the age of 21 years old. Personnel listing is also of note, featuring Edson Maciel, J.T. Meirelles, Copinha, Roberto Menescal, Luis Marinho, Oscar Castro Neves, among others. Tracks include:


• Eumir Deodato: Piano

• Juquinha: Bateria

• Luis Marinho: Baixo

• Roberto Menescal: Violão

• Oscar Castro Neves: Violão

• Aurino: Sax barítono

• Meirelles: Sax tenor, Flauta

• Orlando: Sax tenor

• Paulo Moura: Sax alto

• Édson Maciel: Trombone

• Copinha: Flauta

• Hamilton: Pistom

• Irany Pinto e Sua Turma: Cordas

• Arranjos e Direção: Eumir Deodato

• Produção e Direção Artística: Roberto Quartin

Track List

01 – Insensatez (Tom Jobim / Vinicius de Moraes)
02 – Corcovado (Tom Jobim)
03 – Só Tinha de Ser Com Você (Tom Jobim / Aloysio de Oliveira)
04 – O Morro Não Tem Vez (Tom Jobim / Vinicius de Moraes)
05 – Vivo Sonhando (Tom Jobim)
06 – Ela É Carioca (Tom Jobim / Vinicius de Moraes)
07 – O Amor Em Paz (Tom Jobim / Vinicius de Moraes)
08 – Garota de Ipanema (Tom Jobim / Vinicius de Moraes)
09 – Inútil Paisagem (Tom Jobim / Aloysio de Oliveira)
10 – Samba de Uma Nota Só (Tom Jobim / Newton Mendonça)
11 – Meditação (Tom Jobim / Newton Mendonça)
12 – Samba do Avião (Tom Jobim)


Este disco pode ser buscado no 300 Discos. O texto do Tom Jobim, citado pelo Zeca, vai abaixo (clique para aumentar).

Eumir Deodato – Prelude (1973)

23 02 2012

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zecalouro is following the steps of Maestro Eumir Deodato since one week before his trip to Brazil for a series of concerts in Sao Paulo and Rio de Janeiro. Before his arriving, we had Ideias, his second solo LP. By the time he made his first concert in Sao Paulo, we had the chance to see Inutil Paisagem, his first LP, dedicated to Antonio Carlos Jobim.

Eumir Deodato starts today the first out of two concerts in Rio de Janeiro and this time we will present another important album, recorded when Eumir Deodato was already established in the U.S. that landmark a major change on his career.

This is Eumir Deodato – Prelude (1973), for CTI. I like this record very much and it is notable how a Eumir Deodato managed with a great success an album so different from his previous works, dedicated to Bossa Nova. I will let you with AMG Richard S. Ginell this time, showing also tracks. Tracks include:

AMG Review

Prior to Prelude, Eumir Deodato was primarily known, if at all, as a tasteful, lyrical, bossa nova-based sometime arranger for the likes of Antonio Carlos Jobim, Frank Sinatra, Wes Montgomery, and others. Enter Creed Taylor, who gave Deodato a chance to step out on his own as a pianist/leader, doing a few tunes of his own plus a healthy quota of CTI-patented jazz interpretations of classical pieces by Richard Strauss (“Also Sprach Zarathustra (2001)”), Debussy (“Prelude to the Afternoon of a Faun”), and bowdlerized Borodin (“Baubles, Bangles and Beads”). Well, “2001” — a clever, up-tempo Latin-groove takeoff on the opening measures of Strauss’ tone poem suddenly exploded and became an improbable hit single. In its wake, Prelude soared to number three on the pop LP charts, and Deodato was propelled out of the arranger-for-hire business. Though overshadowed by “2001,” the other tracks also hold up well today, being mostly medium-tempo, sometimes lushly orchestrated, conga-accented affairs that provide velvety showcases for Deodato’s lyrical electric piano solos. The record also made a temporary star out of John Tropea, whose electric guitar has a lot of rock & rolling zip and fire, and Hubert Laws, Stanley Clarke, and Marvin Stamm each get a little solo room too. This would be the biggest hit Deodato and CTI ever had, and though short on playing time (32 minutes), it still makes enjoyable listening.

Track List

01 – Also Sprach Zarathustra (2001) (Richard Strauss)
02 – Spirit Of Summer (Eumir Deodato)
03 – Carly & Carole (Eumir Deodato)
04 – Baubles Bangles And Beads (R. Wright / G. Forrest)
05 – Prelude To Afternoon Of a Faun (Debussy)
06 – September 13 (Cobbham / Eumir Deodato)


Este disco pode ser buscado no 300 Discos.

Eumir Deodato – Ideias (1964)

16 02 2012

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If you have been monitoring CBox yesterday and today, you will certainly remember several friends talking about the next Eumir Deodato concert in Brazil. The excitement is great. Caetano and Luiz Harding had already purchased their tickets and the concert is probably sold out by this time. However, Deodato will make it only in Sao Paulo. This post is to bring some happiness in the earth of people who cannot make it, kindly sent by Mr. X. zecalouro presents one of the first Eumir Deodato albums and a music video with Eumir Deodato performing Superstrut, live in Finland. The date is uncertain and my better guess is 2002 or later.

This is Eumir Deodato – Ideias (1964), for Odeon, with musical direction by Maestro Lyrio Panicalli and arrangements by Eumir Deodato. It will be really nice to check these extremes, an early Eumir Deodato, which I’m presenting a picture available at the back cover of this album with the late Eumir Deodato performing Superstrut, a very old song that sounds fresh as made last month. Personnel listing is also of note and is available bellow.

Tracks include:

PersonnelEumir Deodato
(piano, organ, arrangements)
Geraldo Vespar and Durval Ferreira
Wilson das Neves
Ruben Bassini, Jorginho and Garin

Track List

01 – Tempinho Bom (Eumir Deodato)
02 – Samba de Verão (Marcos Valle / Paulo Sergio Valle)
03 – Nuvens (Durval Ferreira / Maurício Einhorn)
04 – Deus Brasileiro (Marcos Valle / Paulo Sergio Valle)
05 – Tristeza Não Existe (Eumir Deodato)
06 – Vai de Vez (Roberto Menescal / Luis Fernando Freire)
07 – Samblues (Durval Ferreira / Maurício Einhorn)
08 – Só Tinha de Ser Com Você (Tom Jobim / Aloysio de Oliveira)
09 – E Vem o Sol (Marcos Valle / Paulo Sergio Valle)
10 – Amor no Mar (Durval Ferreira / Luis Fernando Freire)
11 – Encanto Triste (Durval Ferreira / Pedro Camargo)
12 – Ela É Carioca (Tom Jobim / Vinicius de Moraes)


Este disco pode ser buscado no Um que Tenha.

Quanto ao vídeo, consegui um do Deodato tocando Supertrust, mas, pelas informações no Youtube, no Brasil, em 2007.