Flying Banana – Flying Banana (1977)

22 04 2012

Link original (não mais existente no Loronix): Flying Banana – Flying Banana (1977)
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This is a really unique post, sent by an anonymous contributor that unfortunately did not left any contact information at Mail Big File transaction. I could not believe when I opened the package and found the legendary Flying Banana, a trio assembled in the late 70’s that recorded this self-titled LP for Philips and then disappear. Reviewers say these guys make rock rural and folk, but I believe they are much more, the blend everything we know as music from Brazil in several decades. You should make a try on this first and only Flying Banana release, truly amazing.

This is Flying Banana – Flying Banana (1977), for Philips, featuring the leader Passoca (voice, violao), Carlao (violao, voice) and Be (cavaquinho, voice). Little is known about Flying Banana, except Passoca further activities, perhaps the only who could sustain a musical career after the group ending. This is good music to everybody; do not forget to feedback us on this not usual release. Tracks include:


(voice, violao)
(violao, voice)
(cavaquinho, voice)

Rodolfo Grani
Dudu Portes
Marcinho Werneck

Track List

01 – Bye Bye (Bê)
02 – Sujera-êra (Passoca / Ron Ron)
03 – Velho Olavo (Antônio Celso Duarte)
04 – Alô Léo (Bê / Passoca)
05 – Achados e Perdidos (Passoca / Carlos Alberto de Souza)
06 – N’aldeia (Passoca)
07 – Mantenha Distância (Chevrolet) (Antônio Celso Duarte / Climério de Souza Ferreira)
08 – Vulumi (Passoca)
09 – Curió (Passoca)
10 – Pirapora (Antônio Celso Duarte)
11 – Flying Banana (Passoca / Carlos Alberto de Souza)

This is Flying Banana – Flying Banana (1977), at Loronix.  Hope uEnjoy!


Este disco pode ser buscado no Rock Progressivo Brasil.