Edu Lobo – Limite das Aguas (1976)

19 06 2013

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Hello, good evening! Brazil has a lot of music and albums to discover and sometimes you get surprised with a new discovery. I need to admit that I never had the chance to listen carefully a single album released by Edu Lobo in the 70’s, in spite of having some knowledge about his work in the 1960’s with Tamba Trio and Nara Leao. I was missing great music, this album has an unique atmosphere and is hard to believe it has gone out of print. Let’s see.

This is Edu Lobo – Limite das Aguas (1976), for Continental, featuring one of the most requested artists by Loronix community, backed by a constellation of Brazilian musicians. Edu Lobo delivers a blend of Jazz with Brazilian music from Nordeste, Northeast region. Arrangements are in charge of Mauricio Mendonca, also known as Mauricio Maestro from the vocal group Boca Livre. Joyce vocals can be heard in two tracks, as described at personnel listing section. Tracks include:


Edu Lobo
(arrangements, voice, violao)
Cristovao Bastos
(electric piano)
Mauricio Maestro, Edson Lobo
Toninho Horta
Claudio Guimaraes
Marcio Montarroyos
Edson Maciel
Jorginho, Macae
(alto sax)
(tenor sax)
(baritone sax)
Os 3 Morais
Gege, Claudio Carybe, Rubinho
Danilo Caymmi, Paulo Guimaraes, Mauro Senise, Nivaldo Ornellas, Dimitri
Lindolfo Gaya, Otavio Basso
Claudio Bertrami
Jacques Morelenbaum
Wanda Lobo, Malu, Cybele, Angela, Fernando Leporace

Track List

01 – Uma Vez Um Caso (Edu Lobo / Cacaso)
02 – Negro Negro (Edu Lobo / Capinan)
03 – Considerando (Edu Lobo / Capinan)
04 – Toada (Edu Lobo / Cacaso)
05 – Gingado Dobrado (Nordestino) (Edu Lobo / Cacaso)
06 – Limite das Águas (Edu Lobo)
07 – Cinco Crianças (Edu Lobo / Gianfrancesco Guarnieri)
08 – Segue o Coração (Edu Lobo / Gianfrancesco Guarnieri)
09 – Repente (Edu Lobo / Capinan)


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Nara Leao, Edu Lobo & Tamba Trio – 5 na Bossa (1965)

8 12 2012

Link original: Nara Leao, Edu Lobo & Tamba Trio – 5 na Bossa (1965)
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5 na Bossa (1965)

5 na Bossa (1965)-BACK

Here we go with another essential album being reposted at Loronix. It’s unbeliveable this one did not have a repost yet, it was released in June 2006, one of the first albums made available at Loronix. Things have changed since then, the original post had a single file of 32Mb with ten tracks at MP3 format and now a single track on FLAC, 10 – Consolacao, has 42Mb. Each aspect was upgraded, including a better scan of this awesome cover artwork. Let’s see.

This is Nara Leao, Edu Lobo & Tamba Trio – 5 na Bossa (1965), for Philips, a live recording featuring 3 of the most groundbreaking artists of the bossa era. The set was recorded in one of the Bossa Nova temples in the 60’s, Teatro Paramount in Sao Paulo. I think 5 na Bossa brings one of the first Nara Leao live recordings, her voice is lovely as usual, but a little bit constrained in some tracks. She performs alone in four tracks and duets with Edu Lobo on Aleluia, which is the track I like most on this set. Edu Lobo performs on three tracks while Tamba Trio has two instrumental cuts and delivers accompaniment all over the session. Tracks include:





Luiz Eca
(piano, vocals)
(bass, flute, vocals)
(drums, vocals)

Track List

01 – Carcará (João do Vale / José Cândido) – NARA LEAO
02 – Reza (Edu Lobo / Ruy Guerra) – EDU LOBO
03 – O Trem Atrasou (Vilarinho / Estanislau Silva / Paquito) – NARA LEAO
04 – Zambi (Edu Lobo / Vinicius de Moraes) – EDU LOBO
05 – Consolação (Baden Powell / Vinicius de Moraes) – TAMBA TRIO
06 – Aleluia (Edu Lobo / Ruy Guerra) – NARA LEAO / EDU LOBO
07 – Cicatriz (Zé Keti / Hermínio Bello de Carvalho) – NARA LEAO
08 – Estatuinha (Edu Lobo / Gianfrancesco Guarnieri) – EDU LOBO
09 – Minha História (João do Vale / Raimundo Evangelista) – NARA LEAO
10 – O Morro Não Tem Vez (Tom Jobim / Vinicius de Moraes) – TAMBA TRIO


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Edu Lobo – Jogos de Danca | Composto para o Ballet Guaira (1982)

23 09 2012

Link original: Edu Lobo – Jogos de Danca | Composto para o Ballet Guaira (1982)
Publicado em: Monday, October 29, 2007 by zecalouro

I have been in contact with the music from Edu Lobo from the 60’s, when he established her career as a singer, delivering very successful songs that belong to the history of Brazilian popular music, such as, Arrastao, Ponteio, Upa Neguinho and many others. The 70’s was Edu Lobo turning point, he left his reputation of singer and composer to make a deep dive on the improvement of his capabilities as musician, delivering conceptual and even instrumental albums, such like this one, kindly sent by AdHoc, once again showing a high quality output on music, cover scans and complimentary information. Let’s see.

This is Edu Lobo – Jogos de Danca | Composto para o Ballet Guaira (1982), for Som Livre, featuring six Edu Lobo compositions for Ballet Guaira and the play Jogos de Danca. Edu Lobo is in charge of arrangements and conduction of all tracks, performed by a constellation of Brazilian musicians. Jogos de Danca is the kind of album that brings new surprises every time you take it for a spin, no matter how many times you make it. I’m sure that you will make it several times with this first and really nice contact with Edu Lobo from the 70’s. Thanks AdHoc for another solid contribution. Tracks include:


Antonio Adolfo
(piano, oberheim)
Luiz Alves
Paschoal Meirelles
Chico Batera, Chacal
Jose Nogueira
(sax alto)
Marcio Montarroyos
(trumpet, flugelhorn)
Jose Carlos
(sax tenor)
Leo Gandelman
(sax baritone, clarone)
Helio Delmiro
Mauro Senise
(sax soprano)
Ze Renato, Mariana Lobo, Bernardo Lobo
Jose Roberto Bertrami

Track List

01 – Jogo 1 (Edu Lobo)
02 – Jogo 2 (Edu Lobo)
03 – Jogo 3 (Edu Lobo)
04 – Jogo 4 (Edu Lobo)
05 – Jogo 5 (Edu Lobo)
06 – Jogo 6 (Edu Lobo)


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Edu Lobo – A Musica de Edu Lobo por Edu Lobo with Tamba Trio and Luiz Eça (1963)

24 04 2012

Link original: Edu Lobo – A Musica de Edu Lobo por Edu Lobo with Tamba Trio and Luiz Eça (1963)
Publicado em: Wednesday, June 13, 2007 by zecalouro

There is a crazy story behind today’s last post. I would never remember to make this album again, which is one of the essentials records available at Loronix, released in the very beginning. If you get along with Loronix this year or in the end of last year, you will probably did not notice, since it is available far away on a given week between June or July, 2007. This is a required record on every Brazilian music collection and a mandatory update, now with high quality scans and ripping. The story, well, I’m not sure if I can tell Loronixers, so I will tell later on.

This is Edu Lobo – A Musica de Edu Lobo por Edu Lobo | Com a Participacao do Tamba Trio (1965), for Elenco. A detailed liner notes wrote by Aloysio de Oliveira defines this set, which is Edu Lobo debut LP. Tamba Trio delivers accompaniment and some backing vocals with Luiz Eca in charge of arrangements. I cannot wait to hear again the first track, Boranda, that alone worth the entire album. All songs are Edu Lobo compositions. Tracks include:


Edu Lobo
(voz, violao)

Tamba Trio
Luiz Eca
(piano, arrangements)

Track List

01 – Borandá (Edu Lobo)
02 – Resolução (Edu Lobo / Luis Fernando Freire)
03 – As Mesmas Histórias (Edu Lobo)
04 – Aleluia (Edu Lobo / Ruy Guerra)
05 – Canção da Terra (Edu Lobo / Ruy Guerra)
06 – Zambi (Edu Lobo / Vinicius de Moraes)
07 – Reza (Edu Lobo / Ruy Guerra)
08 – Arrastão (Edu Lobo / Vinicius de Moraes)
09 – Réquiem Para Um Amor (Edu Lobo / Ruy Guerra)
10 – Chegança (Edu Lobo / Oduvaldo Viana Filho)
11 – Canção do Amanhecer (Edu Lobo / Vinicius de Moraes)
12 – Em Tempo de Adeus (Edu Lobo / Ruy Guerra)

PS.: In order to avoid duplication, reposts will be made on top of the original post permalink. That’s why comments from the original post remain on reposting.


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Eduardo Lobo – Eduardo Lobo em Bossa Nova (1963)

4 04 2012

Link original: Eduardo Lobo – Eduardo Lobo em Bossa Nova (1963)
Publicado em: Thursday, May 24, 2007 by zecalouro

Mr. E. has confirmed that Luiz Roberto from Velha Guarda da Bossa Nova and Luiz Roberto from Os Cariocas are the same person. Great acquisition to Loronix. Flavio Samello should come more often to Rio de Janeiro, I got luck during his short stay. We are in the mood of the first recording of renowned artists and I feel in the obligation to show this first single.

This is Eduardo Lobo – Eduardo Lobo em Bossa Nova (1963), for Copacabana, the rare and sought after Edu Lobo first single with four non-LP tracks. Pretty self-explanatory release awaited by many Loronix friends. Tracks include:

01 – Alguem sob Medida
02 – Saudade so pra Mim
03 – Balancinho
04 – Amor de Ilusao


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Edu Lobo, Johnny Alf, Taiguara e Pery Ribeiro – Juntos! (1988)

29 03 2012

Link original: Edu Lobo, Johnny Alf, Taiguara e Pery Ribeiro – Juntos! (1988)
Publicado em: Saturday, May 19, 2007 by zecalouro

Here we go again with another Caetano Rodrigues contribution, this time different, since Caetano gave this record as a gift on my last trip to Sao Paulo. Thanks Caetano. However, simplicity is not a word on Caetano’s dictionary. Caetano said to let it ready and wait for further instructions. That’s what I did, like a soldier and the instructions had just arrived here: release at 1 Million Hits day. Very wise of Caetano, 5 artists together on a single album is really a celebration.

This is Juntos! (1988), for Phonodisc, featuring Edu Lobo, Johnny Alf, Taiguara, Pery Ribeiro and Sergio Ricardo. I just spoke with Caetano about Juntos! and we agreed that some tracks were released only at this album and never were made available on regular releases by these artists. Any help to realize which are the songs never released on regular albums is really appreciated. Tracks include:

01 – O Nosso Olhar – SERGIO RICARDO
02 – Uma Vez um Caso – EDU LOBO
03 – O Amor da Justica – TAIGUARA
04 – Chega de Saudade – PERY RIBEIRO
05 – Orgulho de Bom Sambista – JOHNNY ALF
06 – Valsinha – PERY RIBEIRO
07 – Gingando Dobrado – EDU LOBO
08 – Paz de um Grande Amor – JOHNNY ALF
09 – Guarania Guarani – TAIGUARA
10 – Do Lago a Cachoeira – SERGIO RICARDO


Não tinha esse disco. Porém, graças aos amigos Bili e Martoni, ele agora pode ser buscado na Rádio Forma e Elenco.

Paul Desmond – From The Hot Afternoon (1969)

21 01 2012

Link original: Paul Desmond – From The Hot Afternoon (1969)
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It is amazing the bridge established between Brazil and United States in both directions at the golden age of Bossa Nova in the 60’s. Yesterday, we had an album recorded in Brazil by Herbie Mann, today we close the roundtrip showing an LP recorded in the United States featuring Brazilian musicians and repertoire.

This is Paul Desmond – From the Hot Afternoon (1969), for A&M, featuring a repertoire with Milton Nascimento, Edu Lobo (guitar) and Airto Moreira (drums). Edu Lobo presents four songs in this album and is accompanied by his wife at that time, Wanda de Sa. Orchestral arrangements are by Don Sebesky. The early Milton Nascimento compositions makes the difference in this album considered by Caetano Rodrigues, as “Muuuuuuito Bom” in that unique way Caetano uses to say when an album is above the average. Thanks for this nice one, Caetano. Tracks include:


Track list

01 – Outubro
02 – Gira Girou
03 – Faithful Brother
04 – To Say Goodbye
05 – From the Afternoon
06 – Circles
07 – Martha & Romeu
08 – Catavento
09 – Canto Latino
10 – Cyristall Illusions


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