Arrigo Barnabe e Banda Sabor de Veneno – Clara Crocodilo (1980)

26 02 2013

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contra capa

It is impossible to show this album without explaining the weird story behind it. The idea of making Arrigo Barnabe debut LP came from the last and first Arrigo Barnabe album at Loronix, Facanhas, kindly sent by Ad Hoc. I said to AdHoc that I had this album and it was only a matter of waiting a couple of days to make it.

When I decided to make it a couple of weeks ago, I did not find this album and I got really disappointed. Anyway, every Thursday, I receive my loyal assistance to make some housekeeping and other things. I decided to ask her for the album, the last hope and immediately, she guided me to a hidden place with several albums, including Clara Crocodilo. My Assitance has this mania, if something is scaring, she hides from the view of everybody. Now I’m happy to get back my LP. Just a final warning, get ready for an above the flow of scaring cover artworks. Let’s see.

This is Arrigo Barnabe e Banda Sabor de Veneno – Clara Crocodilo (1980), for Continental, presented here by the original first 1980 vinyl issue. I have special feelings about this album, which is not for beginners; Arrigo Barnabe approximates classical music, popular music with comics using dodecaphonic and atonal elements, delivering a unique output, something very different from the music we use to listen at Loronix. Tracks include:

Banda Sabor de Veneno

Regina Porto
(electric piano, piano, voice)
Bozo Barretti
(synthesizer, electric piano, piano, voice)
Paulo Barnabe
(drums, percussion, voice)
Gi Gibson
(guitar, chorus, voice)
Rogerio Benati
Otavio Fialho
(bass, voice)
Ronei Stella
Chico Guedes
(tenor sax, clarinet)
Baldo Versolatto
(alto sax, clarinet)
Mane Silveira
(soprano sax, flute)
Felix Wagner
(clarinet, contralto clarinet)
Suzana Salles
Vania Bastos
Arrigo Barnabe
(piano, synthesizer, percussion, narration, vocal)

Special Guests

Eliana Estavao
Gilberto Mifune
Marcelo Galberti
Mario Aydar
Tete Espindola
(voice, voice arrangements)

Track List

01 – Acapulco Drive-in (Paulo Barnabé / Otávio Fialho / Gilson Gibson / Arrigo Barnabé)
02 – Orgasmo Total (Arrigo Barnabé)
03 – Diversões Eletrônicas (Regina Porto / Arrigo Barnabé)
04 – Instante (Arrigo Barnabé)
05 – Sabor de Veneno (Arrigo Barnabé)
06 – Infortúnio (Arrigo Barnabé)
07 – Office-boy (Arrigo Barnabé)
08 – Clara Crocodilo (Mário Lúcio Cortes / Arrigo Barnabé)


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Arrigo Barnabe – Facanhas (1992)

29 01 2013

Link original: Arrigo Barnabe – Facanhas (1992)
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Arrigo Barnabe - Facanhas (1992)

If you are in the mood to listen and get thrilled with something unique and very different from the music usually released at Loronix, this is the album you were looking for, courtesy of AdHoc, a great zecalouro’s friend that really rocks with surprising releases. It seems AdHoc reads my mind sometimes, I have been considering to show something from Arrigo Barnabe for months. There is a lot to explain about Arrigo Barnabe, a very important artist to my background as amateur musician since 1980 when I got paralyzed with Arrigo Barnabe first LP, Clara Crocodilo, a revolutionary album that according with feedback on Facanhas should be released very soon at Loronix. Let’s see.

This is Arrigo Barnabe – Facanhas (1992), for Camerati, featuring Arrigo Barnabe, the founder and most influential artist from Vanguarda Paulistana movement, a group of classically educated musicians from the city of Sao Paulo who blends classical influences to popular music. I spoke about the influence of Clara Crocodilo, a sort of opera rock album with lots of instruments in the set and Facanhas is just the opposite with Arrigo Barnabe at the piano, backed by a small group. AdHoc wisely defines Facanhas as an UFO, traveling across several periods of Brazilian music, from Jovem Guarda to Samba, modinhas, MPB, etc. I would be pleased if Loronixers use comments section to feedback this release. Tracks include:


Arrigo Barnabe
(piano, voice)
Paulo Braga
Mane Silveira
(alto, soprano sax)
Claudio Lucci
Pericles Cavalcanti
(violao, voice at 10 – Bom Sujeito)

Track List

01 – Imagem (Arrigo Barnabé / Roberto Riberti)
02 – Façanhas (Luis Pinheiro)
03 – Lama (Paulo Marques / Aylce Chaves)
04 – Deuses da Voz (Arrigo Barnabé)
05 – Conflito de Geração (Arrigo Barnabé / Hermelino Neder)
06 – Canto I do Inferno (Dante Alighieri / Augusto de Campos / Arrigo Barnabé / Mané Silveira / Paulo Braga)
07 – Sinhazinha Em Chamas (Arrigo Barnabé)
08 – Eu Não Sabia Que Você Existia (Renato Barros / Tony)
09 – Espelho (Arrigo Barnabé)
10 – Bom Sujeito (Péricles Cavalcanti)
11 – Suspeito (Arrigo Barnabé / Hermelino Neder)
12 – Mal Menor (Itamar Assumpção)
13 – Mal Menor (Itamar Assumpção) Vinheta
14 – Pterodáctilo Contemporaneus (Arrigo Barnabé)


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