Mary Goncalves – Convite ao Romance (1952)

11 03 2012

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Hello, Good Evening! Let’s start another Monday night of Brazilian music at Loronix. Yesterday, we had really fine selections and a great close with the fantastic Zimbo Trio debut LP. I will send tomorrow a reminder, but if you read me and did not make your Survey response, take care, we are close to due date, which is the last minute of April, Brazilian time. Get the chance to win Caetano Rodrigues Bossa Nova book. It is up to you.

Thanks! Thanks also Mr. E. making a strong contribution to Loronix pleasing everybody with this very early Sinter 10-inch recorded by a obscure singer, but with several important remarks on it.

This is Mary Goncalves – Convite ao Romance (1952), for Sinter, featuring the Brazilian female singer Mary Goncalves and a cast of very early legendary Bossa Nova artists, such as Johnny Alf and Billy Blanco. Mr. E. made everything and should receive all the applauses for bringing this album to Loronixers. Mary Goncalves is primarily a movie actress who made a try on a career as a singer in the 50’s that was terminated some years before.

Convite ao Romance is one of the first records released by the legendary record label Sinter and features a pretty young Johnny Alf at the age of 22, playing piano. Mary Goncalves was responsible of recording the first Billy Blanco composition in 1951 and Billy provides two songs in Convite ao Romance. The vocal trio As Moreninhas (Bidu Reis, Odaleia Sodre and Zeze Gonzaga) are in charge of vocals and Maestro Lyrio Panicalli is in charge of the important mission of making arrangements. Thanks once again Mr. E. Tracks include:

PersonnelLyrio Panicalli
(arrangements, musical direction)
Ary Ferreira
Ze Meneses
Irany Pinto
Johnny Alf

As Moreninhas
Bidu Reis, Odaleia Sodre and Zeze Gonzaga

Track List

01 – Podem Falar (Johnny Alf) Samba-canção
02 – Duvidando (Coelho Neto / Amado Regis) Samba-canção
03 – O Que É Amar (Johnny Alf) Samba-canção
04 – Tédio (Billy Blanco) Samba-canção
05 – Estamos Só (Johnny Alf) Samba-canção
06 – Não Vá Agora (Oscar Bellandi / Luis de França) Bolero
07 – Escuta (Johnny Alf) Samba-canção
08 – Dentro da Noite (Billy Blanco) Samba-canção


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