I Loronix Singles Festival – Oswaldo Nunes & The Pop’s, Eva & Joao Roberto Kelly

30 06 2012

Link original: I Loronix Singles Festival – Oswaldo Nunes & The Pop’s, Eva & Joao Roberto Kelly 
Publicado em: Sunday, August 12, 2007 by zecalouro

This is the first edition of Loronix Singles Festival, just to save our time and make several singles accessible from a single (sorry!) download package. First edition has 3 artists, as follows:

Oswaldo Nunes & The Pop’s (1968), for Equipe. Great surprise, I never saw an Equipe single before and in spite of a non-specific cover artwork, this one looks modern and truly beautiful. Oswaldo Nunes & The Pop’s delivers something my good friends identify as Samba Rock, something really hard to define with my limited knowledge. Tracks include:

01 – Segura Esse Samba Ogunhe
02 – Eu Chorei

Eva (1969), for Copacabana, brings another nice cover, although is just the opposite from Equipe. Perhaps this cover was even considered antique in 1969, but it is truly beautiful and matches perfect with the label design in the middle. Tracks include:

01 – Cantiga por Luciana
02 – Meu Mundo

Joao Roberto Kelly – Joao Roberto Kelly (1980), for Copacabana, a very recent single taking in consideration the previous ones. We have a different Joao Roberto Kelly this time, performing as a romantic singer and making a wonderful job. Tracks include:

01 – Mistura
02 – A Solidao Chegou


Não tinha esses compactos. Porém, graças aos amigos Amilcar e Martoni, eles podem ser buscados na Rádio Forma e Elenco.

Oswaldo Nunes & The Pops – Ta Tudo Ai! (1969)

9 09 2011

Link original: Oswaldo Nunes & The Pops – Ta Tudo Ai! (1969)
Publicado em: Friday, October 06, 2006 by zecalouro

A friend of Loronix that does not want to be identified sent me this LP as one of the “best Samba Rock” album ever. Everybody knows that zecalouro does not have Samba Rock authority to make a serious evaluation of this friend statement. I will tell you honestly what I think: this is a crazy record that mix several things together such as: samba, baiao, forro and sometimes ROCK on a dancing set. If you are looking for something to make you kick around the house, this is the LP for you. Oswaldo is teamed with another Brazilian band called The Pop at this LP.

Oswaldo Nunes died early, murdered at his apartment in Rio. The reason of his death is still a mystery. If you live in Brazil, you certainly know a song called Oba! performed by Bafo da Onca (carnaval group) that became this group anthem.

Let’s see what Loronixers have to say about this wonderful piece of madness from Oswaldo Nunes, tracks include:

01 – Tá Tudo Aí (Oswaldo Nunes)
02 – Cateretê (Arnoldo Silva / Odair José de Araújo)
03 – Outro Amor de Carnaval (Raul Borges / Oswaldo Nunes / Humberto de Carvalho)
04 – Você Deixa (Oswaldo Nunes)
05 – Guerra Santa (Ciro de Souza / Mário Rossi)
06 – Tamanqueiro (Oswaldo Nunes)
07 – Dendeca (Oswaldo Nunes)
08 – Doce Canção (Oswaldo Nunes)
09 – Cascata (Oswaldo Nunes / A. Marcilac)
10 – Mulher de Malandro (Celso Castro / Oswaldo Nunes)
11 – Chorei Chorei (Oswaldo Nunes)
12 – Canto da Sereia (Oswaldo Nunes)


Este disco pode ser buscado no Just one more Night.