Les Masques – Brazilian Sound (1969) featuring Le Trio Camara

5 01 2012

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Publicado em: TUESDAY, FEBRUARY 06, 2007

I went to the mail office today to send Caetano some MDs and for reasons out of my control I choose a station at Copacabana, far away home. It happened again; there I could understand that my decision for that station was the proximity to an old vinyl shop. More than 5 friends said that I’m cheating when I say that some LPs at Loronix were taken from these stores with the price of R$ 1.00 (One Real or .45 cents). This time I decided to make pictures with my mobile phone, look at the left what I found sleeping in the box of R$ 1.00 LPs, that wonderful Marisa Gata Mansa LP with Conjunto Moacyr Silva (click to enlarge).
Anyway, let’s move forward with a record that should make the day of Loronixers. Truly great. This is Les Masques – Brazilian Sound (1969), for Columbia, featuring Le Trio Camara. That’s exactly what you are reading, Les Masques is a Brazilian female vocal group – I don’t know if they are from Brazil or France, since the lyrics are in French – that get backed by Le Trio Camera for this recording. This also remembers me to look for the long requested Le Trio Camera self-titled LP, but I think that Les Masques with Le Trio Camara is a great introduction.This record was sent to zecalouro from a Loronixer, since he wrote in this language – För att ladda ner filen, klicka på länken nedan. Alternativt klipp ut adressen och klistra in den i din webbläsare – I could identify who was the great contributor, which I want to say thanks. Tracks include:01 – Echo
02 – Il Faut Tenir
03 – Un Regard Un Sourire
04 – Enfer
05 – Bal Chez Le Baron
06 – La Grosse Bosse a Casanova
07 – Mais Un Jour
08 – Invitation
09 – Dis Nous Quel Est Le Chemin
10 – L’oiseau
11 – Les Filles Et Les Garcons

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