Jorge Ben – Samba Esquema Novo (1963)

2 10 2013

Link original: Jorge Ben – Samba Esquema Novo (1963)
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Jorge Ben - Samba Esquema Novo

Hello, good evening! I would like to send my apologies to Loronix’s friends that sent contributions in the last weeks. For reasons that I really don’t know, several new contributions and contributors came out of the blue recently. This is really fine! Thank you.

It was very difficult to choose something among several alternatives available. The last posts were mostly by singers and I was looking for an instrumental release. I decided to take this one, for several reasons. It is the first album recorded by one of the most acclaimed artists we made available at Loronix. It is also a classic album that can be taken under an instrumental perspective since it has the participation of the legendaries Copa 5 and Os Bossa Três, lead by J.T. Meirelles and Luiz Carlos Vinhas, respectively. And it is a Jorge Ben album never released before at Loronix. Let’s see.

This is Jorge Ben – Samba Esquema Novo (1963), for Philips, with well-known Jorge Ben compositions in a short and solid session featuring best of bread Samba Jazz combos from the early 60’s. Jorge Ben had also Maestro Carlos Monteiro de Souza and Lindolpho Gaya in charge of arrangements. Anyway, I feel stupid writing about an album that everybody loves and that everybody wrote wonderful things about. That’s why I will let with Jorge Ben and his Samba Esquema Novo. Tracks include:

Jorge Ben - Samba Esquema Novo-Back


J.T. Meirelles e os Copa 5
(01, 12, 09, 07, 04)

Lindolpho Gaya
(arrangements on 03, 08, 11, 06)

Carlos Monteiro de Souza
(arrangements on 02)

Os Bossa Três
(10, 05)

Track List

01 – Mas Que Nada (Jorge Ben)
02 – Tim Dom Dom (João Mello / Clodoaldo Brito)
03 – Balança Pema (Jorge Ben)
04 – Vem Morena Vem (Jorge Ben)
05 – Chove Chuva (Jorge Ben)
06 – É Só Sambar (Jorge Ben)
07 – Rosa Menina Rosa (Jorge Ben)
08 – Quero Esquecer Você (Jorge Ben)
09 – Uala Ualalá (Jorge Ben)
10 – A Tamba (Jorge Ben)
11 – Menina Bonita Não Chora (Jorge Ben)
12 – Por Causa de Você Menina (Jorge Ben)


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Jorge Ben – Africa Brasil (1976)

19 06 2013

Link original: Jorge Ben – Africa Brasil (1976)
Publicado em: Saturday, December 27, 2008 by zecalouro

Jorge Ben - África Brasil

Hello, good evening! It is really hard to believe this album is now out of print. It is considered by many important people as one of the best popular music albums ever recorded in Brazil. If you take a look around Rate your Music, Amazon or any other customer reviews website you will understand what I’m saying. I’m sure most of Loronix’s friends already have this album, but I think Africa Brasil also belongs to Loronix, and I hope you have a great time with this acclaimed record. Let’s see.

This is Jorge Ben – Africa Brasil (1976), for Philips, featuring well-known Jorge Ben tunes, including Ponta de Lanca Africano (Umbabarauma) — the opening track and my selection to Loronix Preview Center — Taj Mahal, Xica da Silva, Camisa 10 da Gavea and others. Personnel listing features a constellation of Brazilian musicians, including Djalma Correa, Wilson das Neves, Ze Roberto Bertrami and the legendary Ze Bigorna. Tracks include:


Jorge Ben - África Brasil -Back

Jorge Ben
(guitar, voice)
Ze Roberto Bertrami
Luna, Nenem, Gustavo, Joaozinho, Canegal, Doutor, Djalma Correa, Hermes, Ariovaldo, Wilson das Neves
Darcy, Zezinho, Marcio Montarroyos
Ze Bigorna, Oberdan
Regina, Evinha, Claudinha, Marisa, Waldyr

Track List

01 – Ponta de Lança Africano (Umbabarauma) (Jorge Ben)
02 – Hermes Trismegisto Escreveu (Jorge Ben)
03 – O Filósofo (Jorge Ben)
04 – Meus Filhos Meu Tesouro (Jorge Ben)
05 – O Plebeu (Jorge Ben)
06 – Taj Mahal (Jorge Ben)
07 – Xica da Silva (Jorge Ben)
08 – A História de Jorge (Jorge Ben)
09 – Camisa 10 da Gávea (Jorge Ben)
10 – Cavaleiro do Cavalo Imaculado (Jorge Ben)
11 – África Brasil (Zumbi) (Jorge Ben)


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Jorge Ben – Bem-vinda Amizade (1981)

20 05 2013

Link original: Jorge Ben – Bem-vinda Amizade (1981)
Publicado em: Monday, September 08, 2008 by zecalouro

Jorge Ben - Bem-Vinda Amizade

Hello, good evening! It is always very easy to find information about Jorge Ben albums and career, especially information written by people outside Brazil, where Jorge Ben seems to have a giant popularity. Every Jorge Ben album released at Loronix created at least ten comments, no exception. However, I could not find much information about Bem-vinda Amizade, perhaps never released on CD. Maybe I’m wrong. I had a nice time with this album today; several songs were popular by the release time in 1981. Let’s see.

This is Jorge Ben – Bem-vinda Amizade (1981), for Som Livre, featuring well known Jorge Ben compositions. I’m not versed on Jorge Ben discography, but this one seems to be on a more relaxed mood, different from Alo Alo, Como Vai?, released in the same year. Personnel listing features several percussionists supporting Jorge Ben guitar with the accompaniment of bass, drums and keyboards, in some tracks played by the legendary Lincoln Olivetti. Tracks include:


Jorge Ben
(violao, voice, guitar, percussion)
Roberto Dargbli
Bomba Sjostedt
(piano, organ)
Pena, Miss Lynn
Nenem, Bidu, Luiz Carlos, Cowbel, Joaozinho, Luizinho, Naila
A Banda do Ze Pretinho, As Gatas
Lincoln Olivetti
Jane Duboc, Guilherme Lamounier, Sonia Bournier, Robinson Jorge
Chiquinho do Acordeon
Luiz Wagner
special guest on 10

Jorge Ben - Bem-Vinda Amizade-Back

Track List

01 – O Dia Que o Sol Declarou o Seu Amor Pela Terra (Jorge Ben)
02 – Santa Clara Clareou (Jorge Ben)
03 – Oé Oé (Faz o Carro de Boi na Estrada) (Jorge Ben / Augusto de Agosto)
04 – Era Uma Vez Um Aposentado Marinheiro (Jorge Ben)
05 – Lorraine (Jorge Ben)
06 – Curumim Chama Cunhantã Que Eu Vou Contar (Todo Dia Era Dia de Índio) (Jorge Ben)
07 – Katarina Katarina (Jorge Ben)
08 – Ela Mora Em Matogrosso Fronteira Com o Paraguai (Jorge Ben)
09 – Para Que Digladiar (Jorge Ben)
10 – Luis Wagner Guitarreiro (Jorge Ben)


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Jorge Ben – Historia da MPB (1970)

30 04 2013

Link original: Jorge Ben – Historia da MPB (1970)
Publicado em: Thursday, July 10, 2008 by zecalouro


Hello, good evening! This is the album were the last challenge with Jorge Ben and Copa Trio was taken, by the way, another mom’s contribution. I was not thinking about showing at Loronix, but when I took it again today to scan a page, I could see that two tracks are Jorge Ben backed by J.T. Meirelles e Os Copa 5 and a strange force moved my body towards the turntable for a spin. Thanks to the Loronix friend that asked for the second page scan, it is included. Let’s see.

This is Jorge Ben – Historia da Musica Popular Brasileira Nr. 8 (1970), for Abril Cultural, featuring Jorge Ben selected cuts performed by Jorge Ben, J.T. Meirelles e Os Copa 5, Caetano Veloso, Gal Costa, Maestro Rogerio Duprat, Os Originais do Samba, Trio Mocoto, Toquinho and Trio de Edison Machado, a constellation of Brazilian artists on a 10-inch album with a extended duration of almost 27 minutes running time. This is a really nice treat for a given Wednesday. Tracks include:

The Performers

Jorge Ben
Caetano Veloso
Gal Costa
J.T. Meirelles e Os Copa 5
Os Originais do Samba
Rogerio Duprat
Trio de Edison Machado
Trio Mocoto

Track List

01 – Mas Que Nada (Jorge Ben) with Jorge Ben & J.T. Meirelles e Os Copa 5
02 – Que Pena (Jorge Ben) with Gal Costa & Orchestra by Maestro Rogerio Duprat
03 – Cadê Tereza (Jorge Ben) with Os Originais do Samba
04 – Chove Chuva (Jorge Ben) with Jorge Ben & Trio Edison Machado
05 – Por Causa de Você Menina (Jorge Ben) with Jorge Ben & J.T. Meirelles e Os Copa 5
06 – Charles Anjo 45 (Jorge Ben) with Caetano Veloso & Jorge Ben (violão)
07 – Que Maravilha (Jorge Ben / Toquinho) with Toquinho & Jorge Ben
08 – País Tropical (Jorge Ben) with Jorge Ben & Trio Mocoto


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Jorge Ben – A Tábua de Esmeralda (1974)

15 04 2013

Link original: Jorge Ben – A Tábua de Esmeralda (1974)
Publicado em: Tuesday, May 27, 2008 by zecalouro

Jorge Ben - A Tábua De Esmeralda

Jorge Ben - A Tábua De Esmeralda-Back

Hello, good evening! Everybody was right saying that A Tabua de Esmeralda is Jorge Bem’s Masterpiece. I confess that I heard this album for the first time today and I’m really impressed. I’m also impressed with everything I read today about this album and I decided to make something different showing a selection of these messages to our community, they explains A Tabua de Esmeralda better than I could make on my best days. Let’s see. and Rate your Music statements.

To me, he is the single greatest musician songwriter in the world that ever was. His sound is utterly unique and majestic, rhythmic, soulfull, spiritual, poetic, perfect. Perfect. Nothing is perfect. Except his music. The only perfect thing in an imperfect universe. (musiclover,

Beautiful. Breathtaking. Memorable. Highly creative. Just an absolutely wonderful album. (tommo, Rate Your Music)

This is one of the most beautiful Jorge Ben albums of all time. I can’t believe it is almost 28 years old! I have yet to explain how some things in life can be just so perfect. (Crued,

I’m new to Brazillian music that isn’t by Sepultura, but from what I’ve heard so far, Jorge Ben is the definitive artist of the genre of samba. (Trashisawesome, Rate Your Music)

Simply, this CD transcend the frontiers of music. Perfect in musical content and in spiritual force, Tábua De Esmeralda is just a master piece! (Felipe Borelli Filho,

This is perhaps the most organic album I’ve ever experienced, and among those select few records by which ‘experience’ is a more accurate verb than ‘listen’. (londonrain, Rate Your Music)

Ben’s best. A groovy masterpiece. (bborela, Rate Your Music)

Track List

01 – Os Alquimistas Estão Chegando os Alquimistas (Jorge Ben)
02 – O Homem da Gravata Florida (Jorge Ben)
03 – Errare Humanun Est (Jorge Ben)
04 – Menina Mulher da Pele Preta (Jorge Ben)
05 – Eu Vou Torcer (Jorge Ben)
06 – Magnólia (Jorge Ben)
07 – Minha Teimosia Uma Arma Pra Te Conquistar (Jorge Ben)
08 – Zumbi (Jorge Ben)
09 – Brother (Jorge Ben)
10 – O Namorado da Viúva (Jorge Ben)
11 – Hermes Trismegisto e Sua Celeste Tábua de Esmeralda (Jorge Ben / Fulcanelli)
12 – Cinco Minutos (Jorge Ben)


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Jorge Ben – Salve Simpatia (1979)

26 03 2013

Link original: Jorge Ben – Salve Simpatia (1979)
Publicado em: Friday, April 18, 2008 by zecalouro

Jorge Ben - Salve Simpatia

Jorge Ben - Salve Simpatia-Back

Hello, good evening! I would be completely satisfied just watching this cover artwork with this really nice guy shaking hands with a friend and being embraced by a beautiful girl. I would be also very pleased if I found inside just a single track, Ive Brussel, with the participation of Caetano Veloso, blockbuster at the end of the 70’s in Brazil and a really nice song. However, this is not what Salve Simpatia has to offer, in spite of my great lack of knowledge of the entire work of Jorge Ben, this album seems to be one of his greatest. It is also a great cover, it is impossible to take my eyes out of it and give the necessary attention to music. Finally, I learned to admire Jorge Ben through Loronix and I hope you also have the same fun I had this week when I discovered this album. Let’s see.

This is Jorge Ben – Salve Simpatia (1979), for Som Livre, featuring well-known Jorge Ben tracks such like the title track Salve Simpatia and Jorge Ben duet with Caetano Veloso on Ive Brussel. I never heard about a CD reissue of Salve Simpatia and it is amazing that is currently out of print. Tracks include:


Jamil Joanes
Lincoln Olivetti
Jorge Ben
(guitar, violao, percussion, voice)
Nenem, Ariovaldo
(alto sax)
Ze Bodega
(tenor sax)
(baritone sax)
Celso, Jorginho, Lenir, Franklin
Maurilio, Marcio Montarroyos
Edmundo Maciel, Ed Maciel
Marcelo, Vidal. Pareschi, Walter Gomes, Arnaud F. Perrota, Bernardo, Stanislaw, Nairam, Bordinhao, Abramento, Bailon
Stephany, Pissarenko, Nathercia, Jandovy
Ibere, Marcio Mallard, Anne Marie, Zamith
Marcal, Canegal, Elizeu, Gordinho
Marcio Lott, Jose Luiz, Jayme Luiz, Flavinho, Jane Duboc, Sonia Burnier, Regininha

Ive Brussel Musicians

Jorge Ben
(guitar, percussion, voice)
Joaozinho, Nenem
Caetano Veloso

Track List

01 – Boiadeiro (Jorge Ben / Augusto de Agosto)
02 – Ive Brussel (Jorge Ben) with Caetano Veloso
03 – Adelita (Jorge Ben)
04 – Waldomiro Pena (Jorge Ben)
05 – Salve Simpatia (Jorge Ben)
06 – Menina Crioula (Jorge Ben)
07 – Occulatus Abis (Jorge Ben)
08 – Cantileñas de São Victor (Jorge Ben)


A versão do disco que tínhamos estava com defeito. Porém, graças aos amigos Pedro e Milan, a versão corrigida agora está disponível no Parallel Realities.

Jorge Ben – Tropical (1977)

21 03 2013

Link original: Jorge Ben – Tropical (1977)
Publicado em: Monday, April 07, 2008 by zecalouro

Jorge Ben - Tropical

Hello, good evening! One of the most difficult tasks (and more risky) at Loronix is talking about an artist that everybody knows and love, especially when I need to show an album with so little information available. This one is a perfect example, Tropical never had a CD reissue in Brazil, and until last week, was completely unknown to me. Jorge Ben fans go to the last consequences when hunting albums. I received several requests of impossible to find records, but no one ever asked or talked about this one, which is a Jorge Ben LP, always worth a lot to give a try. Let’s see.

This is Jorge Ben – Tropical (1977), for Philips, recorded in 1976 in UK for Island Records. Perhaps the only Jorge Ben album recorded outside Brazil, featuring new versions of Jorge Ben older songs, done with Brazilian and international musicians. The repertoire brings nine tunes, but with a lot to hear on 45 minutes running time. I hope Tropical amazes most of you, bringing a solid listen to start another week. Tracks include:


Jorge Ben
(voice, guitar)
Gustavo Schroeter
(drums, percussion)
Eduardo Magalhaes de Carvalho
Joao Batista Pereira
Joao Roberto Vandaluz
(piano, organ)

Track List

01 – Taj Mahal (Jorge Ben)
02 – Os Alquimistas Estão Chegando os Alquimistas (Jorge Ben)
03 – Chove Chuva (Jorge Ben)
04 – Georgia (Jorge Ben)
05 – O Namorado da Viúva (Jorge Ben)
06 – My Lady (Jorge Ben)
07 – Jesus de Praga (Jorge Ben)
08 – Mas Que Nada (Jorge Ben)
09 – País Tropical (Jorge Ben)


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Jorge Ben – Ben (1972)

23 01 2013

Link original: Jorge Ben – Ben (1972)
Publicado em: Thursday, January 24, 2008 by zecalouro

Jorge Ben - Ben (1972)


I have this album since the first issue in 1972 and only with Loronix I could realize how important it was to my infatuation with this magical human creation called music. Not only for the great music inside, but also for the whole experience available on this nice piece. Think about a little kid with the age of 7, holding this awesome cover with the coolest guy with the greatest attitude ever seen on his short life. I remember to hold this cover when hearing this album thinking fantastic things about Jorge Ben, stupid things such like, “He is waiting for his payment after making this album”, or “he just bought a new car and is waiting for it at the car agency”. Anyway, Jorge Ben is great and I’m very happy to find this album after decades and have the chance to show it for our great community. Let’s see.

This is Jorge Ben – Ben (1972), for Philips. I cannot say it is the best Jorge Ben album due my personal affairs explained before, but the reviews I could read today confirm that Ben is really worth checking. Jorge Ben delivers some of his most successful songs for the fist time here with everything based on “acoustic Samba” with Jorge Ben guitar in the foreground backed by a brass section with lots of bass and percussion. Personnel was not credited by Philips and Maestro Osmar Milito is in charge of arrangements on tracks 03 – Paz e Arroz, 04 – Moca and 11 – Taj Mahal, the song Rod Stewart used as the basis to his “Do You Think I’m Sexy?” a long story that I invite friends to discuss at comments section. Tracks include:

01 – Morre o Burro Fica o Homem (Jorge Ben)
02 – O Circo Chegou (Jorge Ben)
03 – Paz e Arroz (Jorge Ben)
04 – Moça (Jorge Ben)
05 – Domingo 23 (Jorge Ben)
06 – Fio Maravilha (Jorge Ben)
07 – Quem Cochicha o Rabo Espicha (Jorge Ben)
08 – Caramba (Jorge Ben)
09 – Que Nega É Essa (Jorge Ben)
10 – As Rosas Eram Todas Amarelas (Jorge Ben)
11 – Taj Mahal (Jorge Ben)


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Jorge Ben – O Bidu | Silencio no Brooklin (1967)

7 12 2012

Link original: Jorge Ben – O Bidu | Silencio no Brooklin (1967)
Publicado em: Friday, December 07, 2007 by zecalouro

Jorge Ben - O Bidu - Silencio no Brooklin (1966)

Loronixers always make nice recommendations and I use to save all hints on a hunting list. Perhaps I need to make this hunting list public to the community. This album is a perfect example, it is a long time request and perhaps many friends are waiting for it. This post came to life with the help of a contributor that really rocks, AdHoc. I had the chance to take it for a first listen an hour ago and I admit that I’m really amazed with this album, reference and acclaimed by several important artists, such like Caetano Veloso and Gilberto Gil. If you were waiting for this one, thanks to AdHoc for making our waiting over. Let’s see.

This is Jorge Ben – O Bidu | Silencio no Brooklin (1967), for Artistas Unidos / Rozenblit, made available by AdHoc’s 1987 Atoll Music CD reissue. Perhaps I’m the last on earth who do not know the meaning of this album title, O Bidu | Silencio no Brooklin, but it does not matter since we have a great record here. Jorge Ben is backed by The Fevers, which is a successful “Conjunto de Baile” from the 60’s that started on recording as support band of other artists’ albums. I have to take this album for additional spins tomorrow, so here is a deal, let’s use comment section to compile additional info about this great AdHoc contribution. Tracks include:


Jorge Ben
(vocal, guitar)


Lecio do Nascimento
Miguel Plopsch

Track List

01 – Amor de Carnaval (Jorge Ben)
02 – Nascimento de Um Príncipe Africano (Jorge Ben)
03 – Jovem Samba (Jorge Ben)
04 – Rosa Mais Que Nada (Jorge Ben)
05 – Canção de Uma Fan (Jorge Ben)
06 – Menina Gata Augusta (Jorge Ben / Erasmo Carlos)
07 – Toda Colorida (Jorge Ben)
08 – Frases (Jorge Ben)
09 – Quanto Mais Te Vejo (Jorge Ben “Jorge Benjor” / Yara Rossi)
10 – Vou Andando (Jorge Ben)
11 – Sou da Pesada (Jorge Ben)
12 – Si Manda (Jorge Ben)


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Jorge Ben – Alô, Alô, Como Vai? (1980)

20 11 2012

Link original: Jorge Ben – Alô, Alô, Como Vai? (1980)
Publicado em: Thursday, November 15, 2007 by zecalouro

I’m so tired, I haven’t slept a wink, I’m so tired, my mind is on the blink. I wonder should I get up and fix myself with Loronix… Sorry for referencing this Beatles song, but I woke up today with this song in my head and I’m really tired, tired and very happy with everything that happened on this wonderful Wednesday. I decided to start today by the last and post, just to guarantee his release, I’m not sure if I will make it until the end today.

Let’s talk a little bit about Jorge Ben, one of the most requested artists by Loronixers and a true Brazilian pop music legend, acclaimed by several respectful reviewers. In the other hand, this is only the third album recorded by Jorge Ben made available to Loronixers. Such like Chico Buarque, Jorge Ben has most of his big discography already available commercially and this album is a real find, perhaps widely unknown by Loronixers, specially the friends who lives outside of Brazil. Let’s see.

This is Jorge Ben – Alô, Alô, Como Vai? (1980), for Som Livre. I read today that Alô, Alô, Como Vai? was recorded in Argentina, but liner notes confirms the recording session at Sigla Studios, Rio de Janeiro. Perhaps the Argentinean plane that Jorge Ben is taking, or pretending to take, is the reason of these “rumors”. Jorge Ben delivers infectious Samba flavored funky cuts with arrangements in charge of the acclaimed duo Robson Jorge and Lincoln Olivetti. My highlights goes to the album title track 02 – Alô, Alô, Como Vai? and Jorge Ben homage to the great Caetano Veloso, 06 – Cae Cae Caetano. I hope you have a very solid listen with this Loronix all time favorite. Tracks include:


Lincoln Olivetti
(arrrangements, keyboards)
Robson Jorge
Jorge Ben
(voice, guitar)
Jamil Joanes
Paulinho Braga
(drums at Solitario Surfista)
Chacal, Ariovaldo, Peninha, Renato, Nenem
Oberdan, Jose Carlos, Leo Gandelman
Marcio Montarroyos, Bidinho

Track List

01 – A Cegonha Me Deixou Em Madureira (Jorge Ben / Augusto de Agosto)
02 – Alô Alô Como Vai (Jorge Ben)
03 – Georgia e Jorge (Jorge Ben) with Lucinha Lins
04 – Solitário Surfista (Jorge Ben)
05 – Ma Ma Ma Ma Mãe (A Língua dos Anjos) (Jorge Ben)
06 – Cae Cae Caetano (Jorge Ben)
07 – Lady Benedicta (Jorge Ben)
08 – Mona Lisa Mona Lisa (Ciúmes de Leonardo) (Jorge Ben)
09 – Olha a Pipa (Jorge Ben)


Esse disco pode ser buscado no Som do Bom.

Ze Maria e Seu Orgao – Tudo Azul (1962) with JORGE BEN

26 08 2012

Link original: Ze Maria e Seu Orgao – Tudo Azul (1962) with JORGE BEN
Publicado em: Sunday, September 30, 2007 by zecalouro

This is the greatest Mon’s finding ever, a pretty unknown reissue of the anthological Ze Maria album Tudo Azul, featuring vocals by Jorge Ben. This album was already available at Loronix with the blue cover of the first issue (available in your left), but the vinyl conversion was not so well done and probably several friends did not notice its availability and the importance of this record. Let’s see.

This is Ze Maria e Seu Orgao – Tudo Azul (1962), for Continental, upgraded by Disco Lar 1969 reissue. In spite of being an above the average instrumental organ album, including some tracks of true Samba Jazz style, Tudo Azul has one of the first participations of Jorge Ben on recordings, delivering vocals at 02 – Por Causa de Voce Menina and 07 – Mas que Nada. Jorge Ben was pretty unknown by this time and he got a contract with Philips just before this participation on Ze Maria’s album. I think Bossa Nova collectors will be amazed with this release, just like Caetano Rodrigues was today when I spoke about it. Tracks include:

01 – Tudo Azul (João de Barro / Alcyr Pires Vermelho)
02 – Por Causa de Você Menina (Jorge Ben “Jorge Benjor”) with JORGE BEN
03 – Samba do Avião (Tom Jobim)
04 – Japoninho (Orlann Divo / Roberto Jorge)
05 – Só Danço Samba (Vinicius de Moraes / Tom Jobim)
06 – João Sem Vintém (Zé Maria)
07 – Mas Que Nada (Jorge Ben “Jorge Benjor”) with JORGE BEN
08 – Influência do Jazz (Carlos Lyra)
09 – A Vida do Negro (Orlann Divo / Amaury Tristão)
10 – Garota de Ipanema (Tom Jobim / Vinicius de Moraes)
11 – Deixa Eu Ficar (Esther Delamare)
12 – Gostoso É Sambar (João Mello)


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Jorge Ben – Solta o Pavao (1975)

17 05 2012

Link original: Jorge Ben – Solta o Pavao (1975)
Publicado em: Friday, July 06, 2007 by zecalouro

I have been wondering about Jorge Ben for weeks. Actually, several friends warned me that Jorge Ben was a missing piece here. They were right; Jorge Ben is a very important artist to Brazilian popular music. If you make a detailed analysis on his discography you will find Bossa Nova, Tropicalismo, MPB, Samba and several other styles. Many fans, inside and outside Brazil, adore him.

This is Jorge Ben – Solta o Pavao (1975), for Philips. It was not easy to start with such experimental album. Solta o Pavao immediately follows the celebrated Tabua de Esmeralda and both are connected to each other. I cannot understand why Solta o Pavao remains obscure, while Tabua de Esmeralda stays under the spotlights, Solta o Pavao belongs to one of the most creative Jorge Ben phases and brings some of my favorite Jorge Ben songs, such as Zagueiro and the fantastic Jorge de Capadocia, among others. Tracks include:

01 – Zagueiro (Jorge Ben)
02 – Assim Falou Santo Tomás de Aquino (Jorge Ben)
03 – Velhos Flores Criancinhas e Cachorros (Jorge Ben)
04 – Dorothy (Jorge Ben) with Evinha
05 – Cuidado Com o Bulldog (Jorge Ben)
06 – Para Ouvir no Rádio (Luciana) (Jorge Ben)
07 – O Rei Chegou Viva o Rei (Jorge Ben)
08 – Jorge de Capadócia (Jorge Ben)
09 – Se Segura Malandro (Jorge Ben)
10 – Dumingaz (Jorge Ben)
11 – Luz Polarizada (Jorge Ben)
12 – Jesualda (Jorge Ben)


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Varios Artistas – E Tempo de Musica Moderna (1965)

13 11 2011

Link original: Varios Artistas – E Tempo de Musica Moderna (1965)
Publicado em: Thursday, December 14, 2006 by zecalouro

People, have a seat to another fantastic LP by the great Caetano Rodrigues. We have been preparing this post for more than a couple of days and Caetano – with some zecalouro influence – has decided that today is the right day. First, let’s take a special attention to the story behind this post.

Picture yourself in Rio de Janeiro, 1964, the Golden Bossa Nova years. Tamba Trio has just released his third LP for Philips, Tempo. CBD executives, together with Mrs. Stella Marinho from O Globo newspaper, decided to make a partnership to work together on a charity initiative called “Ajude uma Crianca a Estudar”, to collect funds and help child education.

The initiative was launched with a cocktail at Leme Palace Hotel, followed by a concert at Jornal O Globo, “E Tempo de Musica Moderna”, directed by Armando Pittigliani. Philips selected the best available at the cast to perform the show: Copa Trio, Luiz Henrique, Os Cariocas, Rosana Toledo, Jorge Ben and Tamba Trio.

This is E Tempo de Musica Popular Moderna – Varios Artistas (1964), for Philips, with an interesting fact, this is probably the only recording featuring the legendary Copa Trio, with Dom Salvador (piano), Edison Machado (drums) and Sergio Barroso (bass). Copa Trio starts the gig and backs up the remaining artists on the set, Luiz Henrique, Os Cariocas, Rosana Toledo and Jorge Ben. Tamba Trio closes the party with four tunes.

At the end of the concert, people could buy Tamba Trio – Tempo to help children. What amazing day. Who was there? If any friend had the chance to attend this historical concert, please tell us how it was. The track list has 12 songs, I decided to create single tracks for each artist just to be convenient and do not break each one performances. Mario Luiz from Radio Globo, makes nice introductions hosting the show. Tracks include.

Track List-= 01 =-
Copa Trio
Meu Fraco e Cafe Forte

-= 02 =-
Luiz Henrique
Sambou Sambou
Amor 6 x 0

-= 03 =-
Os Cariocas
Nem o Mar Sabia
A Minha Namorada

-= 04 =-
Rosana Toledo
Momento Novo
Hoje e Dia de Amor

-= 05 =-
Jorge Ben
Descalco no Parque
Bicho do Mato

-= 06 =-
Tamba Trio
Garota de Ipanema
A Morte de Um Deus de Sal
Enquanto a Tristeza Nao Vem
O Samba da Minha Terra

Não tinha esse disco. Porém, graças aos amigos Martoni e Andreas, ele hoje está disponível na Rádio Forma e Elenco do Martoni.

Jorge Ben & Trio Mocoto – On Stage | In Japan with Trio Mocoto (1972)

14 09 2011

Link original: Jorge Ben & Trio Mocoto – On Stage | In Japan with Trio Mocoto (1972)
Publicado em: Saturday, October 14, 2006 by zecalouro

What about a 320Kbps audio of a live concert performed by Jorge Ben and Trio Mocoto in Japan, 1972? Pretty interesting. This is what zecalouro received from MOFO, the same who asked and worked together with Marcelo Munhoz on the last Gerson King Combo release.

This concert was performed when Jorge Ben and Trio Mocoto toured in Europe and this is the live recording of the Japanese stage. I’m not sure if this is a official release or a bootleg, no artwork cover is available. This wonderful cover was also a work of MOFO, which is very good and will be opening this release until the original one arrives. Tracks include:

01 – Mas que Nada
02 – Charles Jr.
03 – Que Pena
04 – Take it Easy my Brother Charles
05 – Domenica Domingava num Domingo Linda Toda de Branco
06 – Apresentacao
07 – Oba, La vem Ela
08 – Zazueira
09 – Chove Chuva
10 – Quem Foi que Roubou a Sopeira…
11 – Cade Tereza
12 – Pandeiro, Zabumba, Batucada
13 – Pulo Pulo
14 – Hino do Flamengo, Pais Tropical
15 – Banana Bananeiro
16 – Ta na Hora
17 – Domingas
18 – Cidade Maravilhosa – Hino do Flamengo


Este disco pode ser buscado no Sacundinbenblog. Como comentado pelo Zeca, a capa apresentada acima foi “fabricada” para a postagem no Loronix. A capa real do disco segue abaixo.