Orquestra Afro-Brasileira – Orquestra Afro-Brasileira (1968)

23 10 2011

Link original: Orquestra Afro-Brasileira – Orquestra Afro-Brasileira (1968)
Publicado em: Monday, November 20, 2006 by zecalouro

This post is to present a unique and very hard to find LP taking advantage of November 20th, which is officially The Black Consciousness Day in Brazil. There is a great diversity in the way people celebrate this date. Some view it from a religious perspective some others – probably the majority – view it as Zumbi Day – our Afro-Brazilian hero that have helped at the construction of an alternative to racism and colonialism on Brazilian soil.

The overall idea of this post was decided today on a phone call between zecalouro and Ed Motta, which I want to say thanks for providing this unique piece, Orquestra Afro-Brasileira – Orquestra Afro-Brasileira (1968), a Brazilian orchestra from the 60’s, lead by the Maestro Abigail Moura that is all about unique percussion instruments with authentic Afro Brazilian rhythms.

It is hard to describe what you will get with this LP, I think the best approach is to introduce personnel listing to foreseen by the instruments what this record exactly is.

My special gratitude to Ed Motta for planning together this post and introduce this unique orchestra to Loronixers. Ticiana also made some complimentary work with historical research.


Afro Brazilian Instruments: Genny Pires (Urucungo), José Pedro (Angona-puíta), Joércio Soares (Agogô), Antônio Cruz (Gonguê), Oswaldino Lucas (Rum), Carlos Negreiros (Rumpi), Cândido Santos (Lê), Valmir Rosa (Afoxê), Djalma da Paixão (Adjá).

Brass Instruments: Horácio Soares (Sax alto, Clarineta), Carmélio Alves (Sax tenor, Clarineta), João Amâncio (Sax alto, Clarineta), Álvaro Nascimento (Sax tenor, Clarineta), Ananias da Silva (Trumpete), Gamaliel da Silva (Trumpete), Jaime da Silva (Trumpete), Alfredo Alves (Trombone) e Milton Profeta (Trombone)


01 – Agô Lonan (Abigail Moura)
02 – Tire o Calundú (Abigail Moura)
03 – Índia (Abigail Moura)
04 – Palmares (Abigail Moura)
05 – Babaloxá (Abigail Moura)
06 – Canto Para Omulú (Abigail Moura)
07 – Mo-fi-la-do-fê (Abigail Moura)
08 – Saudação aos Orixás (Abigail Moura)
09 – Xangô (Abigail Moura)
10 – Nagana (Abigail Moura)
11 – Os Oinho de Iaiá (Abigail Moura)
12 – Rei N’aruanda (Abigail Moura)


Este disco pode ser buscado no Fidel’s Eyglasses, onde os dois discos da Orquestra (1957 e 1968) estão disponíveis.




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23 10 2011

Comentários originais:
noreille on Monday, 20 November, 2006
Hello Zeca,

Your blog is just facemelting… Thank you for sharing so much jewels like this one… Woah! It sounds so unique… Yes, in a sense it is close to be as deep as african music can be… But it is definitely so brasilian, without sounding like anything I ever heard before!

You know what? I love music…

Thanks to you and Ed Motta for sharing this beauty!

A new french Loronix friend is born…
J Thyme…kind on Tuesday, 21 November, 2006
Wow. I just know this is going to be great! Thanks Ed Motta & Zecalouro for this one.
aline on Tuesday, 21 November, 2006
toda vez que eu entro neste site, mal posso acreditar nas maravilhas que tem aqui. Muito obrigada, Zecalouro! Valeu mesmo!!!
Anonymous on Wednesday, 22 November, 2006
Can we have more afro brasil please..??
Anonymous on Wednesday, 22 November, 2006
Brasil is the most african outside of Africa.Obrigado pra musica.
sangue bom on Wednesday, 22 November, 2006
this is the most moving record cover i have ever seen on your blog..
tiago on Thursday, 22 November, 2007
zeca, que maravilha de album!

tiago, barcelona
Otto on Friday, 31 October, 2008
Somente gostaria de deixar aqui meu testemunho de musico e livre pesquisador da musica brasileira.
Esse trabalho que o Loronix vem fazendo vem sendo uma das melhores coisas que ja aconteceram para a divulgacao da musica brasileira. Um grande abraco! Otto, Saravah Soul, Londres.
zecalouro on Friday, 31 October, 2008

Muito obrigado pelo seu comentário. Afirmações como as suas é que dão para a gente a certeza que estamos construindo algo significativo para a música do Brasil.

Um grande abraço, zeca
Anonymous on Sunday, 22 February, 2009
hi, great you’re sharing this, those interested in listening home can purchase the cd reissue I produced for the Pinacoteca do estado de Sao Paulo with its former director Emanoel Araujo back in the early 2000’s. 20 pages booklet with pictures covering the 1940’s & 50’s, text in portuguese (sorry guys). Available exclusively at the MUSEU AFRO BRASIL in sao paulo, features 4 tracks from the mentionned LP + the whole first orquestra afro brasileira LP released on todamerica in 1958. I have no specific comercial intention at saying this, just that you can get much more than just a cover & some music.
Special mention to Haroldo Costa & Emanoel Araujo, Carlos Negreiros & Helcio Milito, the 4 main persons responsible for turning the project a reality, back in the 60’s as well as in the 2000’s.
Greg Villanova from Oriki Music /diasporarecords.com
Oro on Thursday, 05 March, 2009
You can hear the production from Greg Villanova on my blog:


best regards

angus on Wednesday, 29 July, 2009
Gracias por el disco, hace mucho que ando buscando música espiritual afro brasileña.

obrigado. Agradecido.

5 11 2016
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[…] later (in 1968) and has been presented on Loronix some ten years ago, so you may look it up on Órfãos do Loronix where Zeca‘s original text is […]

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