Edu Lobo – Jogos de Danca | Composto para o Ballet Guaira (1982)

23 09 2012

Link original: Edu Lobo – Jogos de Danca | Composto para o Ballet Guaira (1982)
Publicado em: Monday, October 29, 2007 by zecalouro

I have been in contact with the music from Edu Lobo from the 60’s, when he established her career as a singer, delivering very successful songs that belong to the history of Brazilian popular music, such as, Arrastao, Ponteio, Upa Neguinho and many others. The 70’s was Edu Lobo turning point, he left his reputation of singer and composer to make a deep dive on the improvement of his capabilities as musician, delivering conceptual and even instrumental albums, such like this one, kindly sent by AdHoc, once again showing a high quality output on music, cover scans and complimentary information. Let’s see.

This is Edu Lobo – Jogos de Danca | Composto para o Ballet Guaira (1982), for Som Livre, featuring six Edu Lobo compositions for Ballet Guaira and the play Jogos de Danca. Edu Lobo is in charge of arrangements and conduction of all tracks, performed by a constellation of Brazilian musicians. Jogos de Danca is the kind of album that brings new surprises every time you take it for a spin, no matter how many times you make it. I’m sure that you will make it several times with this first and really nice contact with Edu Lobo from the 70’s. Thanks AdHoc for another solid contribution. Tracks include:


Antonio Adolfo
(piano, oberheim)
Luiz Alves
Paschoal Meirelles
Chico Batera, Chacal
Jose Nogueira
(sax alto)
Marcio Montarroyos
(trumpet, flugelhorn)
Jose Carlos
(sax tenor)
Leo Gandelman
(sax baritone, clarone)
Helio Delmiro
Mauro Senise
(sax soprano)
Ze Renato, Mariana Lobo, Bernardo Lobo
Jose Roberto Bertrami

Track List

01 – Jogo 1 (Edu Lobo)
02 – Jogo 2 (Edu Lobo)
03 – Jogo 3 (Edu Lobo)
04 – Jogo 4 (Edu Lobo)
05 – Jogo 5 (Edu Lobo)
06 – Jogo 6 (Edu Lobo)


Esse disco pode ser buscado no Um que Tenha.




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23 09 2012

Comentários originais:
Cisalpino said…
I love this album, great post, great album with great outputs for Edu´s fans…

Its really nice to see such a great quality on the works of this marvelous artist.

Thanks adhoc, thanks Zeca.

Monday, 29 October, 2007

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